‘Collusion-gate’, The Turkey Is Coming Out Of The Oven!

Stick a fork in Mueller – ’cause he’s done. Stick a fork in all of us – ’cause we’re all totally done – and STUFFED!.

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By Dave Merrick

We should all brace ourselves for the coming unveiling of the Frankenstein that has morphed out of what is clearly now Robert Mueller’s ‘Collusion-gate.’ Approaching $20 million and two years in the making, the ongoing and now deafening drum roll for that debut is ever-fluctuating between “… what now?” and “Enough already!” The occasional estimated arrival announcements of this shuck have worn everybody out. In its completely stupid and desperate beginning, a cocky Barack stepped up to the microphone and relegated Hillary’s loss entirely to Russian interference. The cat that jumped out of the bag he’d opened looked around and was visibly wondering what was expected of him. Because there just ain’t no such animal as ‘Russian collusion’.

Along the way, we have seen that both the DNC and their partnering henchmen, the liberal media,  have milked this mess as their ‘old reliable’ grindhouse source of column inches and broadcast filler. It has been job security for a busload of attorneys, a devastating wrecking ball for a half-dozen middlemen who stood too close to the fire. It has provided a job – effectively a nice pension – for Robert Mueller III, as well as returning some grief to Trump for denying Mueller the head seat at the FBI. And it has been fodder for a fan club of Facebook-based liberal crusaders to churn out more silly memes.

Robert Mueller is supposed to be a prosecutor. He is supposedly investigating this Russian absurdity in order to try to bring credible accusations before a grand jury. The bulk of brainless lefties I’ve spoken with believe that the produce of Mueller’s vicious snooping will automatically spell defeat and doom for our president. And of course it doesn’t work that way at all. But what it will spell is a subsequent controversy that will be just as staged (and expensive) as was the investigation that ensued from Obama’s and Hillary’s smoke and mirrors Russian collusion (aren’t you SICK of that word?!) lie. And that is just fine with the authors of this nonsense, because all they want is more distraction and ongoing controversy, so at least, as 2020 approaches, the ‘big six’ liberal media machine can challenge the American public with, “Do we even want to consider putting up with another four years of an inept man whose first term was so fraught with controversy?”

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But what ‘Mueller & Company’ are there for is precisely what they have been doing since this nonsense first started: provide more of the mess that will perpetuate an ‘old reliable’ grindhouse source of column inches and broadcast filler, give job security for a busload of attorneys, ruin more lives of those who stood too close to the fire, offer ongoing employment, effectively a pension, for Robert Mueller, as well as returning some grief to Trump for denying Mueller the head seat at the FBI, and provide more fodder for silly Facebook-based liberal crusaders who will churn out more stupid memes. It is entirely about sustaining the continuing distraction that allows the left to do a lot of what they do apart from public scrutiny. Is the above repetition bad editing? No. It’s just repetition for the sake of our compounding nausea. Bottom line, Hillary very obviously commissioned, I think mostly by intimidation, Steele, Comey, Mueller, and an army of others to blame her loss on anything but her Soros-looking self.

But what is so disappointing about the inevitability of whatever show Mueller is cooking up for the unwary public, is that there has not been any low fruit falling off the trees: the stuff that should be there by this time, after all the dead ends he has unveiled, but simply isn’t. The entire dog and pony show has revealed nothing conclusive and should have been scrapped back when the crooked travesty of Steele’s Clinton-subsidized ‘dossier’ was shown for what it is. As the whole crew that was involved with fabricating that lie was exposed, Jay Sekulo’s group, with zero media attention, rolled up their sleeves and continued doing what James Comey and a decent Attorney General had never initiated – pursuing members of the shadow mob whose really obnoxious guilt is screaming out to be dealt with. And the liberal media won’t report any news that does not cast our president in a rotten light. To all the democrats among my good readers today … You may not be aware at all of Jay Sekulo’s diligence or even that a lot of Europe is protesting what their One World/Climate Change-sucking leaders have done to their economy and quality of life. And, have you heard? The new chant now shouted by multiple thousands of protesters is: “We want Trump!”

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But Mueller will have a real showstopper cooked up, when he finally reveals his best shot to the media. I can guarantee you that literally EVERYBODY on the left side of the House is helping him to put together and choreograph his presentation. And it will certainly be the most ungodly contortion of fabrication and bent and expanded testimony we will have ever seen. Because, had there ever been ANY SOLID TRUTH behind ANY of the accusations that have been leveled at Donald Trump, Mueller would have been at least a year in court by now. But even if he looks good coming out of the chute, it will be the same sort of borderline relevance and loose-packed contrivances, on steroids, that we will have seen to date. Because the only thing President Trump did to decisively upset the fix that was supposed to have worked for Hillary, was simply to be the person that most Americans (and now a very visibly burgeoning portion of the world) saw as a real leader and problem solver.

Indeed, Trump and an ‘evil’ Israel are both just as culpable as the day is long. And both are being persecuted for their MASSIVE ‘guilt’. Israel is shamelessly guilty of defending herself against the anti-Semitic mob of terrorism that wants to see her destroyed. And irrefutable guilt can also be squarely placed upon Trump for keeping his promises and being just the man he presents himself to be.

Stick a fork in Mueller – ‘cause he’s done. Stick a fork in all of us – ‘cause we’re all totally done – and STUFFED!.

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