We Hear You: Bringing Back Values That Made America Great

Editor’s note: We’re leading off this week’s mailbag with hopeful observations from Missouri resident Ben Wearp that suit the season. Be sure to write us at [email protected] Merry Christmas.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: First off, thank you for the high quality content that you publish. In the last eight months or so that I have subscribed to Daily Signal emails, my knowledge on current issues has vastly expanded and my ability to respond to those issues has grown greatly.

The fact that Republicans keep winning elections despite the enormous odds against them should signal Democrats that most Americans don’t support their party.

Just imagine if conservatives received the type of media and celebrity support that the liberals do. If they received an equal amount of support, we would see something completely different. The Democratic Party wouldn’t have a chance.

People vote for what they believe in, and unfortunately many people are made to believe a lie by the false information that engulfs them. It starts in our schools. Children and college students are fed lies from the beginning.

Our social media drowns out the voices of conservatives. If people want the truth, they have to seek it out. Unfortunately, it’s been majorly concealed in our society.

People vote conservative because they believe in the values our country was founded on–in life and in liberty. Because they’ve seen and reaped the results of limited government, low taxes, and a flourishing economy.

People vote liberal because they’ve believed a lie. Because everything they see and hear extols liberal values and contrasts them to the conservative platform.

For me, it’s too much of a stretch to dream that one day we could have an unbiased mainstream media. What people don’t ignore, though, is results. It’s taking time, but people soon will be unable to deny the benefits of what this presidential administration and Republican Congress have done.

The beauty of a limited government (the way ours was set up) is that it allows the individual to flourish by protecting individual liberty and providing a platform for the individual to succeed. And many individuals across this nation recognize and are recognizing that, and it’s something that no one can steal away.

We’ve moved so far from our roots that people don’t know anything better. Either they’ve forgotten quickly, or they have no standard by which to judge between the good and the bad.

There’s many things broken in today’s America. But there’s much good that still sets us apart from the rest of the world. My hope is that Americans will wake up to what is going on around them and, starting with their community, bring back the values that have made our nation great.

Thank you to The Daily Signal for doing your part in making America greater.—Ben Wearp, Missouri

Farewell to George H.W. Bush

Dear Daily Signal: I was privileged to be in the Navy Reserve, Seabees, always training for deployment when Iraq invaded Kuwait and President George H.W. Bush declared our line in the sand (“George H.W. Bush’s Presidency as a Model of Competence”). Proud and eager, I looked up to 41 and his secretary of defense, Dick Cheney.

But let’s set the record straight here: The Gulf War was not too short to impact public support. From euphoric triumph to watching the Kurds bury their children in shallow, rocky graves as they retreated from Saddam’s henchmen, public opinion shifted dramatically as the Democrat media put the tragic failure to contain Saddam Hussein on television every night.

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Bush was an accomplished man, a patriot, part of the generation that sacrificed itself to defeat Japan and Germany. But the media now trying to destroy President Trump, that same ilk on TV, did everything they could to do the same to our 41st president.Gary Grimm


“Bush disappointed many voters, chiefly by breaking his ‘no new taxes’ pledge, a chief slogan of his campaign,” Fred Lucas writes ).

One is not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but as far as I am concerned, George H.W. Bush was a chronic bureaucrat who held the truth to be of so little value that he lied to the American people about taxes and eventually, as a result, helped usher Bill Clinton into office.

If that assessment seems unfair or rankles, consider how much damage the Clintons have done since, and may well do in the future. If you want to hold public office and make decisions that affect the American people’s lives in very serious and important ways, you start out by dedicating yourself to telling the truth.

And while you may well lose an election by telling the truth, that’s a hell of lot better than the alternative approach, which admittedly many politicians of both parties adopt nowadays.Douglas Mayfield


Competent? Not hardly.

Bush was a one-term president because he abandoned his conservative base, broke promises to them, and proved he could not be trusted.Donald Baker


The fake news media treated Bush 41 with fawning coverage after his death (“George H.W. Bush Was the Last President to Serve in Combat, World War II”). I am starting to wonder if the news media actually believe that “the only good Republican is a dead Republican.”

They scorched Bush when he was president. As best I can recall, they praised him only when he joined the Democrats and raised taxes contrary to Republican wishes.

And even better, according to Democrats, is that “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge that he broke cost him re-election.—Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas


I really didn’t appreciate George H.W. Bush when he was president, but he was a good, decent man who genuinely tried to lead America for all Americans.—Edward Buatois


The truly sad thing is that at a time that should bring the nation together, the lamestream media uses it to trash our current president.

Those praising George H.W. Bush are the same pack of jackals that treated Bush like garbage when he was president.  The only thing we can do is pity these fools, for they will get their just reward.Jim Scofield


I personally believe George H.W. Bush’s instrumental role in getting NAFTA going was the most damaging thing any person in the U.S. has done since the Civil War (“10 Fascinating Facts About George H.W. Bush”). Well, the Federal Reserve was arguably worse.

The chipping away of U.S. sovereignty has been a covert operation of treason committed against U.S. citizens for more than 100 years.Bob Smith


My comment on Cal Thomas’s commentary, “George H.W. Bush was a Man of Character”: Nominating and getting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court was the senior Bush’s greatest achievement.Bob Armstrong

Trump, Asylum Claims, and the Courts

Dear Daily Signal: President Trump has the law and logic on his side on this issue of asylum for otherwise illegal immigrants, and the Obama judge is nothing but a political lackey of the Democrat Party (“Trump Rips 9th Circuit, Next Stop for Asylum Case, as ‘Disgrace’“). And who does that lightweight Chief Justice John Roberts come out against? Not the lunatic judge, but Trump.

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Roberts said not a word when Obama criticized the Supreme Court at his State of the Union speech, but can’t keep his mouth shut when Trump speaks the obvious truth.

Before everyone gets giddy over the Brett Kavanaugh appointment and a presumed conservative majority, it’s certain that Roberts will become the new Kennedy, voting with the Democrats like he did on Obamacare. He said he just wanted to call balls and strikes, but he has been on a mission to rewrite the rules.

Remember, Chief Justice Earl Warren was a Republican appointee who went over to the Dark Side, and Roberts is doing the same.—Al Linski


It’s past time to dissolve the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and spread its caseload over the remaining U.S. appeals courts—the 9th is nothing but a cesspool of activist judges bent on legislating from the bench (“Trump Rips 9th Circuit, Next Stop for Asylum Case, as ‘Disgrace’”).—David L. Miller


An emergency meeting needs to be called. The Senate must draw up laws that protect Americans, now.—Cheryl Detar


If we cannot get reasonable actions from these judges, why aren’t they replaced? Especially the 9th Circuit. They seem to be bought off by the left, or something worse.—Karin Callaway, Florida


President Trump, ignore the commie judge’s unconstitutional ruling. Have another federal judge put a stay on the commie judge’s ruling.—Jeff State

That’s No ‘American Dream’ in China

Dear Daily Signal: My reaction to Jarrett Stepman’s commentary on China and The New York Times is that the newspaper has been an enthusiastic advocate of communism since Lenin’s heyday, and is now the house organ of America’s true communist party, the Democrats (“In Saying the ‘American Dream’ Is Alive in China, New York Times Shows Its Misunderstanding of Our Nation“).

Both want a one-party, atheist dictatorship, and The New York Times wants to be the People’s Daily of the new regime. Half of that regime will be installed in the newly elected House and the other half of which is to gain power next time through rigged and stolen elections.—Miles E. Drake


This is a blatant attempt by The New York Times to diminish President Trump’s spectacular achievements by saying, “But look at China!” We’ve all encountered people like this. Jealousy festers like a sore and is very ugly.—Jane Blacksmith


Isn’t that the same “newspaper of record” that ignored Stalin’s murdering tens of millions and Hitler’ imprisoning and killing millions? Why does The New York Times even still exist?—Ken Marx


“This exclusion and repression includes entire groups of people whose only crime is having the ‘wrong’ ideas.” This is the liberal American dream.Anna Clare


Wouldn’t you love to see these “progressive” people spend one week in China?—Mary Valley


The only thing “alive” in China is a persecuted church that isn’t being properly supported by the Vatican.—John Palmer


The New York Times is a communist organ, and never tires of trying to change Americans into commies.—Thomas Wayne


The New York Times has been under communist control for decades? So of course they have a powerful affinity with communist China.—Anthony Alafero


By the way, it is not even the real “communism” in China, since never has a pure communist regime reached this stage. It’s a de facto national capitalist regime.

Those state-owned enterprises ensure a startling pool of capital for the regime to maintain, to control the resources, to coerce whatever it feels like.—Chen Nolan

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I imagine the American dream is the dream of the people in China and everywhere. I hope they achieve it but that would mean a toppled government, which would be a glorious nightmare.—Ted Johnson

Wrangling With the White House Press Corps

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Fred Lucas’s report, what the spoiled little hacks in the White House media gaggle fail to realize is that they have no right to be there (“6 Memorable Clashes at Presidential News Conferences”).

It is a privilege that can be revoked, just like a driver’s license.—Jim Scofield


The “enemedia” all act like teenagers who, by their juvenile nature, love playing gotcha, having food fights, purposely lying to hurt others, and then whining when they get scolded—Redigo Gubernatio


Ah, who can forget the day Obama lit into a reporter from Fox News for asking a boilerplate question and immediately withdrawing his press credentials while also accusing him of assaulting a young female intern and threatening to do the same thing to other journalists if they don’t toe the line?—Edward Buatois

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you to Rachel del Guidice for writing a heartwarming story of the Samaritan’s Purse response to Hurricane Florence.  Their staff and volunteers are selfless people who bring light into darkness.Donna Benson


Kudos. I appreciate your coverage of Samaritan’s Purse in North Carolina. They are a great organization, doing so much good helping the victims of all the storms.  They use their funds so wisely.—Martha Wills


Would The Daily  Signal be interested in sponsoring a student essay contest? Students are to explain five benefits of capitalism or five benefits of socialism.

Awards for essays on capitalism will be $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second, $3,000 for third, and $2,000 for fourth. Essays on socialism will bring 20,000 first-place prizes of $1.

The award ceremony for essays on capitalism will be held at Trump Tower and include a seven-course dinner, open bar, and a MAGA hat.

The award ceremony for essays on socialism will be held in a municipal parking lot and include a bowl of lentil soup and boiled cabbage for dinner, with a small charge for bread.—Mark Leggett


My bet is that the Mueller probe lasts at least until the Democrat majority in the House takes office.

House Democrats can take over Trump investigations, which will last as long as Trump is in office.  I can only hope for an eventual major backlash politically.—Bill Pound


Regarding the yellow vests in France, maybe American taxpayers should start wearing green vests as a show of solidarity to reflect how politicians and bureaucrats abuse us. We’re no more than a money tree they shake down.—Brannen Edwards, Savannah, Ga.


You spend too much time on controversies. You even say bad things about our president.

You should not have done the podcast titled “Liberals Say Trump is Destroying their Marriages.” You give too much press to the liberals.—Pat Ellis, Clinton, Miss.

Sarah Sleem and Troy Worden helped to compile this edition of “We Hear You.”

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