How leftist lies, propaganda and censorship led to the beheading’s of two Scandinavian woman


How leftist lies, propaganda and censorship led to the beheading’s of two Scandinavian woman.

Often times the left is so full of lies and denial the younger generation does not know the difference.  They are brainwashed that Islam is a great religion despite it horrendous violent teachings, the youth are told Muslims are enriched with culture.  While the left promotes these falsehoods, they deny that woman are second class citizens in most the Islamic world, and even the Islamic Qu’ran teaches that a woman is only worth 1/2 of a man.

Why do leftist leave out the part of woman being 1/2?  Its all propaganda to mislead the youth, younger people don’t know better, and wrongfully assume Muslims are peaceful people, they are never told about the bad parts.

One would think when reading leftist news that it was right wingers that fabricated the story of Islamic terrorism and it links, or the founder of Islam being a mass murdering pedophile. The reality is the right wingers did not make these things up, anyone that seeks the truth can see this is all clearly taught within the Islamic religion. All one has to do is go out and seek the facts to know what Islam is about.

Look at this Muslim woman in the video, faced with the fact her “Prophet” the founder of Islam was a pedophile she goes to try and excuse it as normal behavior. She cannot deny these facts like the leftist do, so she excuses them.


So yet it appears the people on the right did not make up the story of the Pedo-Prophet of Islam, it is in fact a true and accurate characteristic of their founder. But that won’t stop the left from its censorship of these facts. Leftist tech companies will go on banning or canceling the account of right leaning posters whom choose to share these truths, and warn others. European countries are making it illegal to criticize Islam in any way, even if the criticism is 100% legitimate and justified, they don’t want you knowing the truth.

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Basically we have leftists in this analogy, say they teach how great Cocaine is. They promote it as a great medical product, enriched with healing properties. While failing to disclose the negative effects, of increased heart rates, and the often death of the very young people due to the use of cocaine. They ban anyone from disclosing any of is negative side affects, and mislead people to the positives. So how many will die to cocaine related deaths when facts are withheld?

The young and naive youth come to only one conclusions, Cocaine is good. (IE: Islam is good) Forget the fact that most Islamic terrorist tell us Islam is their motivating factor toward violence.

This leads us too two beautiful young Scandinavian girls, whom found themselves victims of the lies and misleading ways of the left. Brainwashed and mislead to what Islam is really about, then deciding its a good idea to travel to the Islamic world. Traveling to Morocco considered to be a “Moderate” Islamic country, moderate in Islam means laws that force underage girls to marry their rapist, yes that is a Moderate Islamic country.

The two Norwegian girls, Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen were brainwashed with pro-Muslim propaganda, Maren Ueland even posted the video below on her Facebook page of typical leftist brainwashing, depicting a bad evil white guy, and a good Muslim guy.. WATCH THIS RUBBISH in the video below:

For those who don’t want to spend 2 minutes to watch the video:

-Nice looking white man walking with his briefcase.
-White woman is scared of a Muslim man with a suspicious bag.
-Suddenly action: Police arrests the white man whose bag turns out to be full of drugs (?).
-Meanwhile, the Muslim man has met his family, is a loving father and the suspicious bag contains a toy for his kid.

The frightened lady tries to protect her child while looking at the man from across the street, when a couple of police officers are seen rushing out of their car behind the bearded man.

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Surprisingly, the last scene shows the police apprehending another man, while the bearded guy was giving a hand to a child, to the astonishment and shock of the terrified lady.

“Never judge people by their appearance. Dear All Must Share It,” an accompanying comment reads next to the post, which goes back to January 2015. Maren Ueland shared the video on her Facebook account.

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This video is very typical brainwashing from the left to downplay the worldwide issues of Islamic terror and hatred, where non-Muslims and woman are 1/2 of a Muslim man.  This video instead play the white man as the bad guy in typical anti-white liberal fashion,  and the Muslim guy a great peaceful man just out to give a kid a toy.

Should you be worried about Muslim radicals with bags, according to the propaganda video, no. They should try selling this rubbish to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings, whom where blown up by two devout Muslims following their Satanic Qu’ran to murder and maim marathon runners. Bags full of pressure cookers and pipe bombs, nails included to tear through the flesh and cause the most carnage.

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen not knowing they are being mislead decided to go travel to an Islamic country, what could go wrong they thought.  After all leaving Norway they thought would put them further away from all those evil whites guys, and closer to some culturally enriched Muslim just trying to give some children a toy, right?

Well the story did not end so well for the two girls, Maren’s post has ironically reflected how a peaceful young woman who loved life and defended Islam died at the hands of ruthless Muslim criminals who pledged allegiance to ISIS inspired by their religious book the Qu’ran, and the teachings of Islam.

Moroccan police found the decapitated bodies of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway in an isolated area near Imlil, in the Atlas Mountains, on Monday, December 17.

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These two young woman never had a chance, never told the realities of the risk they are taking, tech companies censored their Twitter and Facebook feeds making sure you could not be warned about the real dangers they faced. Propagated with videos like the one above, they had no idea.

The Gruesome footage and images of the two backpackers,  were sent to one of the victims’ mothers. The horrific photos feature severed and partially severed heads of the girls, their lifeless heads bloody and discolored from death.

In the videos sent is a A knife-wielding Islamic terrorist whom shouted “It’s Allah’s will” and “This is revenge for our brothers in Hajin in Syria, “these are your heads, enemy of Allah”.    Allah is the Islamic God, clearly Islam is what motivated him to murder these two woman he makes that clear.  The leftist don’t want you to know that or share that fact of his motivation to behead them, if you choose to share what motivated him to murder them, you risk being banned on social media, and branded an Islamophobic.

The left wants us to keep our heads in the sand to the realities of Islam, well I am warning you now take your head out of the sand now, as the first thing you will see is the nice Muslims man with bag is not holding a toy after all, he is branding a sword and about to smite your neck. Pull your head out of the sand now and run, face the reality Islam is a sick backwards death cult ready to kill you.

Do not become victims like Louisa and Maren did, let’s stand up against this evil vile cult and preserve our culture and lives.


RIP Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland, we vow to not allow others to be mislead by the left as you two were anymore, and expose Islam for what it truly is!

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