Media Misses: Former NYT Editor Called Out for Plagiarism in Book ‘Merchants of Truth’

Jill Abramson, former editor of The New York Times, is being called out for plagiarizing in her new book “Merchants of Truth.”

While Abramson has made some interesting comments about left-wing bias at the Times, which we’ve pointed out previously on this show, it’s clear that some of her journalistic practices haven’t exactly been kosher.

Vice News correspondent Michael C. Moynihan pointed out that many passages in her book appeared to be lifted directly from the work of other journalists.

Certainly, mistakes happen in every field and can be forgiven. But these revelations about Abramson are not simply an isolated episode.

And as we’ve seen in many cases lately, journalists have been so eager to run with a narrative that they misfire on basic facts about serious issues and create the kind of “fake news” that is corrosive to the truth and harmful to our country’s public debates.

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