Muslims are Planning to Attacking White People as “Revenge” For the Mosque Shooting

Moslems all over the world are extremely upset that some of their people got killed in one of the countries they’ve invaded. You have to understand, this is a big change for them.

It caught them off-guard.

As Queensland Senator Fraser Anning said while he held a press conference in Melbourne  about the shooting at the Christchurch mosque.  Then a 17-year-old leftist cracked an egg on his head while he spoke linking Muslim immigration to the west, to the Christchurch mosque shooting.

Anning said: “While Muslims may be the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators,” …“Worldwide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.”

Muslim are usually the only ones doing the killing.



When a muslim murders 49 gay people in a Florida night club, the community immediately rallied around the mosque and muslim community he hailed from. There were repeated admonishments to warn against a backlash, and remind people how peaceful muslims are.

On the flip side, when a terrorist shoots up a mosque full of worshipers, the whole white community is blamed and punished collectively.

Has it occurred to anyone that THIS is what the shooter was aiming to expose?

If so, progressive culture has played right into his hands and given him exactly what he wanted. He’s exposed that some religious inspired murders are more outrageous than others.

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What he’s really exposed is that the world has grown 100% complacent about Muslims murdering people. It doesn’t even shock the senses anymore. It’s only when the reverse happens that we feel outrage, precisely because it’s out of the ordinary.

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  1. What I have observed is that the points given by this article are right spot on. The history has been Moslems slaughter infidels worldwide virtually without outrage since its what’s expected from them. It’s when the tables are turned there is outrage. To moslems, they are the privileged protected and how dare any have the audacity to attack us in our place of worship.
    The attacker brought their hypocrisy into the light for all to see. Death for thee, but not for me. Was the attack horrific? Yes it was, but in a world that has tried to placate the rabid dogs of jihad I find myself astonished that the very ppl who have been on the receiving end of Islamic terrorism are offering thoughts & prayers to these innocent victims. In actuality this was evil attacking evil and at some point if that is what is happening we must stay out of it. Let the evil factions kill each other off. The world will be a better place for it.

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