Black Community is Irate at Ocasio-Cortez for Using Fake Ebonics Accent During Speech to Blacks

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez upset many within the black community when we was faking a lack southern accent during a speech to a black audience, a transgression insulted many within the black community

Ocasio-Cortez, often referred to as AOC, spoke to the New York civil rights group National Action Network at its convention on Friday using a Ebonics like accent to the black audience, Ocasio-Cortez is Puerto Rican.

Departing from her usual accent, she started using Ebonics to a predominantly black audience that there’s nothing wrong with serving in low skill jobs. She stated:

“I’z is proud to be a bartender, ain’t nothin wrong with that, uhhh hummm..”

“Therze  nothin wrong with working retaiz , folding them there clothes for other people to buy. Therz  nothin wrong with preparing the food that your neighbors will eat. Therez  is nothing wrong with driving them there buses that is a taken yourz bros and hoes to work.”

The critics called her a racist and used cultural appropriation while accusing others of doing the same. It’s all in the ear of the listener, apparently.


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  1. It’s unfortunate, but every constituency needs to beware of the politicians who speak of their own concern for “people of color”. AOC is one of those politicians, but her messages were aimed at “people of color” whose votes she needed in the congressional district in which she ran for election. The question should really be, what won’t she do to be elected? What kind of speaking points would she use to gain votes? Look closely, she is in office by simply giving voters an impression that she cares more than anyone else running for office. Measure her supposed intentions against the real results, and the one fact remains….she landed herself a higher than average income, plus benefits unavailable to plain working folks, and besides speeches and news photos, how did she improve life for her voters?

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