France’s Harsh Message to Israel

France demanded that Israel stop the freezing of tax revenues of the Palestinian Authority and transfer all the funds collected for the PA to Ramallah including the amounts paid by the PA to terrorists and their families.

According to the report on Channel 12 News, the French demand received a clear response from Prime Minister Netanyahu who replied in an official letter that “Israel will continue to act in accordance with the law of the Knesset. This request is morally and politically incorrect and is even contrary to the European principles of counterterrorism.”

The French and the Europeans view the Israeli decision as unreasonable, and as a blow to the Palestinian Authority, which undermines stability, especially when Europe sees that money is flowing – to Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli Cabinet is in agreement that the law passed by the Knesset should be implemented as is and that the freeze of money to the PA be continued. “We will not transfer money to enable the PA to pay terrorists and security prisoners,” they say in Israel.

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