SHOCKING: Another year with no Diversity in Miss Nigeria competition

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As leftist critics lambast European and the USA  for their lack of diversity in such competitions as the Miss Universe competition, some countries have gone unnoticed despite their aggressive and dastardly lack of diversity.

Nigeria, for instance, hasn’t once sent an Irish woman to the Miss Universe competition. And the Miss Nigeria sponsors are completely silent on this travesty.

There are also no Swiss or Swedish women in the competition either, proof of racism in Nigeria.

“You’re going to tell me that out of 1 billion women, there aren’t any attractive Swedish in there?” diversity expert Peter Beckenoff said of this crime against humanity.

Most viewers have been ashamed of the Nigerian and Chinese contingencies, which seem to have no interest in diversity at all.

“This lack of diversity must be handled immediately. If these countries don’t have diversity, then it must be forced on them in order to ensure the goal of universal diversity worldwide.” Beckenoff added.



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