The truth is getting too close


The Democrats’ objection to Trump is not merely political opposition. This is something very different. Many of us who have been around for a while will say they have never seen such determination and persistence to rid themselves of a president. It is reminiscent of the election of 1860. And that did not end well.

Democrats are scared. They have lost control of a government that was supposed to have protected them. Their protection now is either buried within the swamp or in the mainstream media. Now that the truth is getting close, too close, they need cover and need it quick.

Trump was not supposed to win. The Democrats’ illegal activities were going to be buried forever, never to see the light of day

Democrats don’t want to talk about the crisis at the border. They are not responsive to China’s growing threat nor do they want to talk about their promise that abortion would be ‘safe, legal and rare.’ The country hasn’t been this strong economically in over 50 years and they show no interest. What they do care about, what they are only focused on, is cloaking the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the efforts they employed to try to prevent Trump from being elected and then staying in office.

It started as an attempt to protect Hillary for her shenanigans in the State Department. That is, illegally exonerate Hillary from any wrong-doing. When they decided there was a chance, however small, Trump could be president, they resolved to get some insurance in the form of framing Donald Trump. When Trump won, they resorted to an attempt at a political coup d’etat for crimes that never existed. They must get rid of Trump or suffer the ordeal that will surely come.

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Trump was not supposed to win. The Democrats’ illegal activities were going to be buried forever, never to see the light of day. They were sure of it. The media told them, the polls told them. And with that assurance came recklessness, chutzpah, if you will. They convinced themselves they could get away with it. It makes Watergate look amateurish. Their attempt at impeachment began before Trump even became President. They knew full well what a Trump presidency would mean. Now that many of the actors have been either fired or have resigned, their list of friends in high places grows thin.

Behind the Democrat verbal attacks, the hearings, investigations and endless political maneuvering is a series of diversions and a massive cover-up never before seen in American political history.

Spying on the Trump campaign

Spying on the Trump campaign has been established and confirmed in at least two occasions. The first is the infamous dossier. On October 21, 2016, the FBI used an unverified opposition research paper from an opposing political party to obtain a warrant from a secret court to spy on the Trump campaign. They never bothered to tell the court who paid for the research. They didn’t bother to tell the court that the Democrats hired the Perkins Coie Law Firm, that hired Fusion GPS, that hired a former British MI6 agent, and former FBI informant, Christopher Steele, who was fired by the FBI for talking to the press after being ordered not to, and who told the FBI and the Justice Department that he was “desperate to stop Trump.”

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Comey recently denied in an interview that the FBI does any spying. Yet, the New York Times has reported that spying did indeed occur. It has been reported just last week that the FBI sent an investigator posing as a campaign assistant to meet with a Trump aide to the campaign.

Don’t overlook the FBI via Peter Strozk, who ran the phony Clinton investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation, who told fellow FBI agents that they needed an insurance policy against Trump and assured fellow agent Lisa Page, “Don’t worry Lisa, we’ll stop Trump.”


As the DOJ gets closer, expect the Democrats and the mainstream media to get even more vile

Attorney General, William P. Barr, called a retread by Democrats, has said he is going to get the truth out, received a contempt vote by a Democrat House Judiciary Committee for his trouble. Noted left-leaning law professor, Jonathan Turley, addressed the efforts by the House and noted that the House has the “weakest possible contempt claim” against Barr.

As the DOJ gets closer, expect the Democrats and the mainstream media to get even more vile, if that is possible.

Yes, Trump is a deal maker, but he is no fool. If you try to destroy him, be ready for incoming. That’s probably why the Democrats are in an all-hands-man-your-battle-stations mode.

The truth is getting too close.

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