Very Large Group of African Migrants Wade Across the Rio Grande Into US

by Cristina Laila

US Customs and Border Protection posted a video of a group of illegal invaders from Angola, Cameroon and Ebola-stricken Congo wading across the Rio Grande into the United States.

The video shows men, women and children crossing the river in the dead of the night.

Border Patrol announced they apprehended 116 invaders from Africa on Thursday.

The White House tweeted the video of the violent Africans crossing the Rio Grande, saying, “Our southern border is now a magnet for illegal immigration from all over the world. It’s time for Democrats to help close the loopholes!”


“Agents have encountered 182 large groups (100+ individuals) across the SW border this fiscal year. This is the first large group apprehended in Del Rio Sector this FY and the first large group apprehended on the SW border this FY consisting entirely of African nationals,” CBP said in a statement.


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  1. There is obviously a large organization behind this invasion just as in the case of the Islamic Invasion of Europe:

    • I was thinking the same, how to they get to Mexico in the first place? Someone is paying airfare or shipping them over, they they are talking about an Ebola scare, it takes 20 days to incubate. Let hope not!

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