Joe Rogan The Flaw with the Idea of White Privilege w/Naval Ravikat

Joe Rogan and Naval Ravikat speak about “White Privilege”

Joe goes on to say in the video below that while it is true black people may face shop owners or police have a biased negative attitude toward them, that is not the issue.

The issue is the people that are treating them poorly, that is the root to the issue of racism. Racism is the issue, the flaw in White Privileged is it itself is racist and look at the people who are not the victims of this kind of racism and accuse them as  a group due to them having less melanin, this in itself is racist.

The left is not looking at individuals acting racist, but branding a whole group of people on way based on their lighter skin tones, of course this in itself is racist.

How ironic the leftist want to solve racism, well with more racism.

Ravikat also speaks about how the left also promotes that discriminating against white people is not racism because, for the sole reason they are white. The left actually thinks you cannot be racist toward whites, a delusion on their part of course.   The analogy Ravikat makes is: “stop struggling while I am hitting you”.


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