We Hear You: Visiting the Border Patrol in Laredo, Texas

Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s audience responded to the
reporting our Fred Lucas did from the U.S.-Mexico border at Laredo, Texas. Here’s
a sampling. Write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I live on Social Security and do not have funds to donate, but
I read and appreciate the information The Daily Signal publishes.

I am 81 and have
witnessed many changes over many years, including times of no drug cartels, no
murders, and no drug problems. People who relocated to our country became our

We have turned into a nation of distrust for the very reasons Fred Lucas has reported here. I worked with Mexicans whom I easily can compliment for their worth ethic. I know some were illegal.

My heart breaks for the
honest, hardworking foreigner who must look over his or her shoulder wondering
if they will be caught.

My deep respect for
Border Patrol officers is not limited. I support the border wall, but the
number of illegals presently in our country will never be resolved until a
system is developed under which legal immigrants are welcomed. I believe the wealthy
in our country contribute millions of dollars to encourage illegal immigration.

Think about the drug cartels and the terrorists who have made their way across the border. Does any one of the objectors to a border wall care what is happening to the country we are proud of? It is no more.—Virginia Vinson

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The Democrats obviously care about vilifying and perhaps impeaching our president, promoting anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and anti-American conversations, and avoiding any meaningful legislation for immigration.

Last but not least, Democrats
want socialism and to strip us of Second Amendment rights, the last bastion of

What has happened to the
loyal opposition? They’ve forgotten to be Americans.—Tom Heroux, Tequesta, Fla.

Fred Lucas reports that a
Mexican drug cartel controls a section of the southern border. It holds illegal
immigrants and threatens them with torture and death unless their families pay.

Seems to me that is a
problem for the Mexican government to deal with. The only conceivable reason it
doesn’t is that the Mexican government is run by the drug cartels or fearful of
them. I suspect it’s both.

If Mexico is unable to
enforce its own laws, they need to ask the U.S. military for help. Mexico
should be enforcing the death penalty for drug cartel bosses and all human
traffickers (coyotes).—Drew Page


This is really war. Time
to send the troops down there and defend this nation.

Many of these people are
not even from Mexico or Central America, but from other nations that want to
bring America down.—Mary Annabelle


We should put a bounty
on illegal aliens and make it a class A felony to be here illegally. It should
be punishable by a death sentence, with aiding and abetting drawing the same

The free stuff is over; get a job and pay for your own health care. Want a better job? Go to college and pay for it, like everyone before you. It will make you appreciate how hard it is in the real world and change your reality. The world owes you nothing.

Defend our borders or
stop receiving a paycheck for doing nothing. I say shut down all business with
all who oppose our immigration laws.

We don`t need any country to get along; it will only make us stronger as a country. We’ll build the wall ourselves and kick out worthless slimeballs.—Dennis Anderson


If the Democrats don’t
think our borders should be controlled, then they don’t think the country is
worth protecting.

Leadership? Where? Who, then, needs Democrats? Americans don’t. Illegal invaders and drug cartels need them.—Justin Seine


It’s the liberal Democrats
who are causing all of this by not allowing the wall and proper entry points to
be built. I would not be surprised if some are on the take from the cartel.—Joseph Morgan

Dear Daily Signal: Now that Laredo College’s secret is out with Fred Lucas’ report,
the Democrats will hightail it to the nearest “friendly” judge (“No
Border Wall, but This Will Have to Do for 1 Texas City

They’ll have the judge wave
his paw and demand the gate be opened and the fence taken down immediately. And
that the cafeteria and nurse’s office be made available to everyone.—Marty Miller


Democrats say that there
is no crisis at the border, and some dummies want to tear down the walls.  It looks like Democrats need to get to Laredo
College and be set straight.—Susan Short

Dear Daily Signal: Don’t expect a rational response from Democrats to Fred Lucas’ article about what the Border Patrol does for illegal immigrants (“‘Daily, Our Agents Save Somebody’s Life’: Border Patrol Agents Recall Cases of Heroism and Compassion”).

His noted accusation by Rep.
Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., that federal immigration officials “wanted these
deaths to occur” is as typical as it is outrageous.

Blaming our Border Patrol agents
for the deaths of illegal immigrants dying at the hands of foreign human
traffickers is as stupid as blaming the U.S. for having borders and immigration

All the Democrats want
are hordes of illegal immigrants who will become completely dependent on
government, a government run by them, for all of life’s necessities.

They don’t care about
the costs in terms of money that taxpayers will have to pay. Nor are they
concerned about the price victims of criminal illegal immigrants will have to
pay, like the 4,000 Americans killed by illegal immigrants during 2015 and
2016.—Drew Page


Thank you for Fred Lucas’ story on the compassion at the border by
our Border Patrol agents. I loved it.

The left-wing media sees to it that all we hear is negative. I appreciate this refreshing story.—Debi Godsey


Hundreds of thousands of
migrants cross the southern border every year. A handful die under Border Patrol
watch, and the media has a conniption fit.—Dan


these stories of distress at the border and
no one has a solution (“‘Full-Blown
Emergency’: Southern Border Arrests Surge
”). All this does is
frustrate the readers of The Daily Signal.

The only way to solve this issue is a massive program of demand to the House of Representatives. But no one knows how to do this, so the frustration goes on.—Bob Robb

Editor’s note: Bob, you and other readers may wish to check out The Heritage Foundation’s “An Agenda for American Immigration Reform,” a report outlining what to do, step by step, to fix the immigration system.


I think it’s time to
suspend the Flores Agreement. And here’s a question: These people are asking
for asylum because they fear the gangs. Well, what makes them think the gangs
aren’t also coming north?—Terry Shields

Source material can be found at this site.

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