Democrats Protect Women by Insuring they Can’t Win


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently brought H.R. 5 to the floor. The bill amends the Civil Rights Act in the guise of “equality for all” and on behalf of women’s rights by making certain that some men are more equal than some women. Being more equal means “equality” in case the reader got confused. The House resolution will remove women—at least the ones with certifiably-genuine female sex organs and breasts that form milk—from America’s sporting activities.

All because Democrats secretly think women belong barefooted and pregnant in the kitchen—even if they tell you otherwise.

The resolution intends to re-engineer human nature and the inevitability of chromosomes merely by denying them in law.

In their infinite wisdom and in the name of equality, Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat Moonbats intend to make men wearing jocks filled with testosterone equal to men wearing panties filled with estrogen. There will be two competing teams for runners, swimmers, weight lifters, and javelin throwers. A men’s team and a men-who-wear-lipstick team. Democrats will prove once again that equality works equally: that men wearing jocks can throw a javelin just as far as men dressed up as women wearing pigtails.

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You’ll have men’s sports; and you’ll have co-ed sports.”

In order to facilitate this transformation-by-legislation of the old science of genetics and biology, into the new science of socialism and wishful thinking, America’s schools will still allow men’s teams to compete. On occasion.

Meanwhile, all schools will require the establishment of another men’s team now called the women’s team. For the last men wearing bras will be dressed up just like women wearing bras. The women on the women’s team whose life once mattered (there will be a few whose life matters, Pelosi inferred, especially hers), can watch from the bleachers.

Bras in any color of one’s choice, representing the rainbow of our Olympic future, will be supplied by the coaches.

Coaches will not be required to wear bras—except on special occasions.

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Tx) explained it this way: “You’ll have men’s sports; and you’ll have co-ed sports.”

The outcome—making all outcomes equal reflecting the socialist ideal of equality—will always be predetermined.

And enforced.

Without fail. The outcome of sports will be determined not by performance and biology, but by law and social justice

Thought crime, meaning about science referring to chromosomes and biology, or even the mention of the natural world as it is in places other than Christopher Street in The Village or San Francisco—will be punished.

That future will look like this:

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A man on the men’s team will definitely—for it is predetermined—win for the men’s team. Each and every time.

A man on the women’s team dressed up like a doll with pasted-on eyelashes with a closet full of Manolos will win for the women’s.

Every time. Without fail. The outcome of sports will be determined not by performance and biology, but by law and social justice.

As it should be.

Accordingly, it is an imperative and the socially just thing for the Democrats to pass H.R. 5 before they pass military appropriations bills.

This legislation, created by women, for women, will insure women’s rights on the sports field.

All because Women’s Life Matters. Especially women with Y chromosomes.


Kamela Harris, a champion for women’s rights and welfare, allegedly pays women less than she pays men, because Women’s Life Matter.

Only their pay checks do not.

Hillary Clinton destroyed the lives of women her husband raped, abused, and oppressed, even after her husband was forced to pay damages and fines. Afterward, Hillary paid lip service to the legions of oppressed women, mostly her friends living in mansions around Chappaqua, New York. While Hillary was busy making, er, counting the change, she never bothered to ask Muslim women who have been oppressed all over the world, WHAT HAPPENED? All these because Hillary spent her entire life fighting for you.

After decades of platitudes, indictment, and fabrications broadcast every hour on the hour typically just before presidential races, warnings about Republicans waging a War on Women, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will, in the name of justice, deny women equality on the race track, equality in the pool and equality on the soccer field, and equality for women who want to play in Olympic games on a level playing field free of the Y chromosome. Meaning that women compete against women who were born as such, and men against men with jock straps.

Clearly, Democrats will do the “right thing” for women because Women’s Lives REALLY, REALLY, Matter.

Especially those women who are biologically and genetically men.

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