AOC Helps Support a Walkout Denying Beds for Migrant Children

The conditions that migrant children are being held in at Customs and Border Patrol stations and government contractor facilities is in the national spotlight as the Cloward-Piven strategy of overloading government systems to collapse the system plays out on our southern border with Mexico.

Children are being used as pawns by political lunatics like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez an insane Democrat lunatic. Communist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has likened the conditions migrant children are being held in to concentration camps.

The same morons making Holocaust comparisons are the ones trying to take away the children’s beds. AOC’s got to make her concentration camp comparison more believable and this helps… ironically she is the one creating the tale.

AOC denies the children beds.

Now she is helping to make those condition even worse, denying beds for the children for a political position. She is supporting a Wayfair workers walkout taking place Wednesday at the company’s Boston headquarters over the company refusing woke worker demands to selling beds to government contractors for the children.

You read that right, this lunatic commie AOC is now protesting children being given beds to sleep on so they don’t have to sleep on concrete floors in overcrowded facilities.

The protest by woke Wayfair workers is being promoted on Twitter:

Wayfair was selling bed for these children, but psychopaths like Ocasio-Cortez would rather see them sleep on the ground.  First she complains about their conditions, then she denies them basic necessities such as a bed. All  this on top of the leftist calling for the massive movement of migrants flooding our system, therefore making the conditions difficult as the authorities cannot keep up. Make no mistake the conditions are created by the leftist themselves.

Democrats by systematically failing, and refusing  to enforce our own immigration laws, we have created the international equivalent of what the tort lawyers call an “attractive nuisance” and these conditions are created by them.

These children are the lefts political pawns, shame on this sick disgusting woman for forcing them to sleep on the ground. I would not be surprised next week they take pictures of all the children on the ground and blame it on Trump, anything to win the election, RIGHT?

Hey, hey, ho, ho! Beds for kids have got to go!”


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