Tulsi Gabbard’s Sister Make a Good Point About the Democratic Debate

On Wednesday night, the Hawaii representative’s younger sister Vrindavan went to bat for Gabbard, slamming MSNBC on her sister’s official campaignTwitter. In the post, she criticized the network of not giving Gabbard adequate speaking time. Furthermore, Vrindavan accused the network of playing favorites with one candidate in particular: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“It’s clear who MSNBC wants to be president: Elizabeth Warren,” Vrindavan tweeted from Gabbard’s account, which she does from time to time. “They’re giving her more time than all the other candidates combined. They aren’t giving any time to Tulsi at all.”

Then, to inform followers that she wrote the now-viral tweet, and not Gabbard, she tagged on her signature: “-V (Tulsi’s sister).

Gabbard as a formed Iraq solder is an anti war advocate, one of the few in the Democratic party, its clear MSNBC wants Warren (AKA Pocahontas) to be the front runner of last nights debate.


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