Democratic Created Chaos at the Border

Democrats have gone a long way to create chaos at the border, basically inviting in massive migration.  They’ve denied necessary funds for law enforcement to pay for humane conditions in detention camps during a border surge.  They’ve nullified any meaning to border law.  It’s all a politically cynical bid to Blame Trump.

Border agents have been scrambling to find any vacant buildings to try and attempt to deal with the flood of migrants, some 680,000 so far this year. It like inviting 20,000 people to your wedding and trying to feel all of them in a 1 hour span, it cannot be done. Make no mistake this is a Democrat created problem.

Democrats are using this as negative a public relations issue for President Trump.  With reports of children brought to the U.S. illegally now in detention without soap or toothbrushes.  The media and the Democrats have been dining out on it, blaming the problem they created on Trump.

While Democrats support Illegal immigration and flooding the system in a chaotic way, the end result is chaos.  We have immigration laws in place that if implemented have a civil fair manner to immigrant.  Democrats have ignored the laws and process and called for massive illegal immigration, resulting in total chaos! They have gone so far as to create sanctuary cities, basically green lighting illegal immigration and cheering on people to bypass US laws to immigrate here.

Left-wing activist networks linked to Democrats also are actively recruiting illegals, and the open encouragement of illegal immigration by blue states offering huge arrays of benefits, this created a run for the border and leads to conditions such as the holding facilities are are already past capacity, but that not enough they want more and even more.

Legal immigrants have been punished too due Democrats open borders in more than one way.  The USCIS is funded by fees from the naturalization process.  Due to illegal immigrants the fees have increased from some $350 to almost $1,000 today,  the second way they suffer is the system is clogged and waiting times for legal immigrants have increased by years. All these are due to illegal immigration, so the legal immigrants suffer immensely, the Democrats whom claims are for equality, created this inequality in immigration.

Democrats have denied any orders in immigration like funding a wall, they rather have immigration officials scramble trying to fill up warehouses full of people, already beyond the breaking point.

The migrants have been schooled by the leftist activists to think U.S. residency and benefits are entitlements, not privileges.  They’ve been whipped up with expectations of instant gratification in the same way Hugo Chávez used to whip up Venezuela’s urban poor.  Groups like these have been taught never to take “no” for an answer.  And they aren’t so very poor — they come from countries with booming economies, and they view Mexican rice and beans as pig food, so they are beggars who are choosers.  The fact that they have crossed multiple borders to seek “asylum” in the U.S. signals that they are country shopping, and not every country they pass is good enough.

Democrats only are offering the blame game, specifically Trump.  They have no yet offered one single solution to the problem they created!




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