Brawl Breaks Out, Arrests Made in Front of White House as Fascist Communists Burn American Flag

A violent brawl broke out in front of the White House on Thursday after Fascist Communists burned an American Flag to protest Trump and the 4th of July parade.

People were thrown to the ground and a brawl broke out as the American flag was lit on fire by the Revolutionary Communists.

More footage of the flag burning from a different angle:

A couple of unruly Commies  got arrested. A witnesses says a woman headbutted a man, reported The Daily Caller:

Anti-American flag burning members of the Revolutionary Communists got into a shouting match with patriotic Americans who were chanting “USA! USA! on the 4th of July”.

Flag burned in front of White House as tensions mount ahead of Trump’s ‘Salute to America’

This article was sourced from Foxnews

Multiple protesters were arrested in front of the White House on Thursday after an American flag was set ablaze in protest to President Trump’s “Salute to America” event, scheduled to take place later in the evening.

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While it is unclear who or what group burnt the flag, video from Washington shows a number of protesters forming in a circle before the flag goes up in flames.

At least three people were detained by the Secret Service.


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