Carlson Double Down: Nothing Ilhan Omar Say on Race Is ‘Sincere’ All a Hustle’ To Get What They Want


Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson responded to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who referred to Carlson’s show as a “nightly platform to white supremacist rhetoric,” and called on advertisers drop their sponsorship of his program for remarks he made a night earlier.

Recounting his remarks the night before, Carlson declared it wasn’t about race and accused Omar of using race to get what she wants.

“It’s not about race,” Carlson said. “But of course, Omar and her friends already know that. Nothing they say on the subject of race is sincere. It’s all a hustle designed to get them what they want. Omar has made a career of denouncing anyone and anything in her way as racist. That would include virtually all of her political and personal opponents. It includes even inanimate objects like the proposed border wall. That’s racist. So was the United States Congress. So was the entire state of North Dakota, she once tweeted.”

“Omar may be from another country, but she learned young that crying racism pays,” he continued. “The bigger question is, who taught her that? She didn’t arrive from a Kenyan refugee camp denouncing people as bigots for political gain. She wasn’t always a professional victim. That’s learned behavior. Unfortunately, she learned it here. So, in some ways, the real villain in the Ilhan Omar story isn’t Omar herself. It’s a group of our fellow Americans. It’s our cultural gatekeepers who stoke the resentment of new arrivals and turn them into grievance mongers like Ilhan Omar. The left did that to her, and to us. Blame them first.”

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