House bars Trump from going to war with Iran without approval

The US House of Representatives on Friday overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) barring President Donald Trump from going to war with Iran without congressional approval, CBS News reported.

The amendment, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, would prevent federal funds from being used for any conflict in Iran without congressional authorization.

“Congress has spoken in clear terms that the American people do not want another endless war in the Middle East,” Khanna told CBS News about the passage of his amendment.

However, a similar amendment to the NDAA failed in the Senate last month, as it received only 50 votes — ten fewer than the 60 votes needed to pass.

The move comes amid ongoing tensions between the US and Iran which have been exacerbated by a series of attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf which were blamed on Iran.

In another incident, Iran shot down a US drone, claiming it violated Iranian airspace near the Strait of Hormuz.

Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for the downing of the drone, but pulled back from launching them at the last minute. He later made clear that he had not called off the planned strike on Iran but rather simply stopped it from going forward at that time.

More recently, the British naval force seized an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on suspicion that it was carrying crude oil to Syria, in violation of EU sanctions.

In retaliation, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unsuccessfully tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf this week.


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