Bring Back Peace and Harmony

All the blood-spattered revolutions,
Those led to one more and more tensions,
But all failed and failed dimensions,
Failed to usher peace, change and happy mentions.

Gandhi failed, Luther King failed;
Mandela failed, Marx failed;
Bloody coup or bloodless coup all hailed,
But whatever change took place, flawed.

Brought disaster, poor living led to sorrow and wildness;
Rising greed, frustration, annoyance and fierceness;
Control the minds, to let perversion and furiousness;
Construct the web and cycle of destruction and violence.

Jihadists and Naxals crippling humanity,
Life and humanity without love, compassion and sanity;
The messenger of peace, pigeon killed, eaten sans charity;
They have no place to live, return and security.

To show the path to crippling humanity, fed,
Miseries and pains make weep, cry and dead.
Disciples of Christ and Mohammad,
Painted the globe blood, red.

Crippled humanity needs the re-incarnation,
Of a Ram and a Krishna to pilot resurrection;
The beguiling humanity to safer shores, restoration;
And wipe out evils from the globe to revitalization.

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