Leftist Racist Claim White is Not a Color; Shamefully Exclude Whites as People of Color

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Yes, white is a color

Who knew white is not a color?  Well  according to the left that seems to be the case.  If white is not a color too, that implies whites are simply invisible to them. Make no mistake that is what they are implying when the say they are of color, and a white person is not of any color.

When a leftist racist bigot says they are  a person of color, they are saying they are not white.  Implying white is not a color at all, or that whites are invisible to them.  Remember this is not physics, class where black and white are not colors, in the realm of art and life white and black are indeed colors.

This pathetic way of thinking implying white people have no color is further dividing Americans into the Jim Crow days, lets not forget the Democrats have a long history of racism, just a different group to attack today. We can hope someday leftist and Democrats can just see us all as equals, and not as skin tones.

You could live in a remote city in Kentucky in a dilapidated trailer home with the roof caving in, but guess what if your skin is white your privileged to the leftist. Yes all these racist need to do is see your skin tone to make this conclusion. How did we get here, Obama and his racist divisions is what got us here, we knew his connections to Wright and his racist bigotry, but the leftist denied this, and now here we are.

Queen of racist bigotry Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of attacking “newly elected women of color.”  Implying that white people are not a color at all, nothing can be more racist that this suggestion from AOC.

We looked it up and guess what, white is indeed a color, hence white people too have color and to imply they do not is simply Nazi like racism. To say people of color is to differentiate themselves from white people, to want special treatment due to their skin tone.

To say “people of color” is seeking special treatment, it implies people especially whites must be careful what they say around them. They want special treatment, a head start in college admittance or jobs. This solely based on skin color alone.

A far better alternative to affirmative actions measures would be not to have skin tone based measures as the leftist has set us up.  The measures should to be based on those with economic disproportions. This example is a simple fair and promotes equality though all the races, and colors of people. The racist on the left will have none of that, they want to see your skin tone to see if you qualify for affirmative action, its shameful!

You need a prop up in life?  Lets  throw away the leftist mantra of “lets look at your skin color and decide” bigotry. We don’t exclude the white homeless guy from assistance because the shameful left assumes by his skin color he is privileged.  We do not deny that he is equal to them and also has skin color, and may not be so privileged at all living outside in the local park.  Even if his skin as as white as snow, it no privilege to have to sleep in the snow.

We should rather look at incomes and those under privileged based on income disproportion (NOT SKIN COLORS) and help those in need.  Rich blacks and Hispanics need not apply, the white person living on the streets would would get help. Actually someone of any color skin could get help based on their need for help, go figure!    That is the only fair measure of course, while leftist claim to want equality well her it is! Imagine we are not judged, and our privileged assumed by the color of our skin. We are treated as equals and all have same same opportunities and all provided the same opportunities for help, irregardless of our skin colors.

Rep. Mike Kelly  called out their leftist racism this week. Him being a conservative realized this basic principal that white too is a color, he called them out on their racist bigotry.

“They talk about people of color. I’m a person of color,” Kelly said “I’m white. I’m an Anglo-Saxon. People say things all the time, but I don’t get offended.”

In the end Kelly is right, we all have colors, that is what makes the world great.  To deny a whole race of people (Caucasians) and falsely claim they do not have any color is racist and not fit for anyone in leadership positions in this country.

Shamefully the leftist hate site Huffington Post chimed in with their racist drivel an attacked Kelly for suggesting his skin also has a color, the racism is front and center.

Look at the headline, Huffpost is attacking him for “claiming” as they say that he is also a person of color. These leftist have no shame, and has justified their racism. I bet most leftist cannot even see the problem in this headline, and that should be concerning to all.

Are whites people of color too, well of course. To deny this is to promote bigotry and racism!



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