Muslim TV station in UK Was broadcasting anti-gay & pro child marriage content

A TV station based on Islamic teachings
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could have its UK broadcast license revoked after four of its programs breached restrictions on broadcasting hate speech and incitement to crime, according to British regulator Ofcom.

Four programs aired on the Dubai-based Peace TV fell afoul of Ofcom’s broadcasting rules, including a show named Valley of the Homosexuals. The program told viewers that LGBT people are more “corrupted and contaminated” than the pig – which is considered unclean under Islamic law – and describes them as “worse than animals.”

In another program, a Muslim scholar advocated the death penalty for those who practice “magic.” Ofcom also took issue with two other shows, including one that promoted the death penalty as the correct punishment for leaving Islam, and another that said marriage to underage girls is “no problem at all.”

A fifth program was reviewed but found not to have breached guidelines.

Founded in 2006, the chanel airs programming from a Muslim perspective and often features commentary from religious figures. It has been banned in India and Bangladesh. Peace TV is currently available in the UK as a digital channel on the satellite and cable provider Sky.

Ofcom is currently considering possible sanctions against the outlet, including the possibility of a ban on grounds of promoting “crime, disorder, hatred and abuse.”

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