TRUMP Said its Time to Go After Obama: Subpoena Obama Records, Hillary and Clinton Foundation Records

by Jim Hoft

On Friday President Trump called reporters to the White House to announce he has completed a “safe third country” asylum agreement with Guatemala.
This is a game-changer if it pans out and will significantly diminish the flood of illegal aliens crossing the US southern border.

This is also more than the open border Democrats have done to the secure thee border since President Trump came into office.

President Trump then went after the radical Democrats in the US House who using their office to harass the president, his family and his associates.

 Trump suggested maybe he should go after Hillary Clinton and Obama.

President Trump, speaking in the Oval Office during a gathering to announce an agreement with Guatemala, called for a probe into former President Obama’s book deal and to subpoena “all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton.


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