Jorge Ramos SHOCKED That Latinos Are More Conservative On Immigration

Written by Jorge Bonilla

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The White Latino Univision anchor Jorge Ramos seems stunned at the percentage of Hispanic support for building the wall, based on a recent Univision-Latino Decisions poll.

But such support would only come as a surprise to someone who is out of touch with the community.

 Ramos expresses amazement over the fact that over a third of U.S. Hispanics support construction of a wall along the southern border on a recent edition of Sunday political affairs show Al Punto:

JORGE RAMOS: Let’s close with this. I had a chance to view the poll, it hasn’t been published, but let’s break some news here. When you ask Latinos whether or not they support the building of the wall, I was surprised at the amount of Latinos that agree with building the wall.

SERGIO GARCIA RIOS: Well, yes, 36.4% are in favor of building (the wall).

RAMOS: More than a third.

GARCIA RIOS: More than a third…


GARCIA RIOS: Yes, we haven’t published this yet but we break it here, it is certainly a high percentage, this surprises us, but it’s a complex matter, we’d have to look at it… More analysis than what is out there…

RAMOS: Does this mean, Sergio, that Latinos are more conservative, even with regard to immigration, than what many believe?

GARCIA RIOS: It’s complex, I don’t necessarily feel that they are.

To be clear, Ramos has been continuously emoting vexation at the mere notion that Hispanics might be conservative since Election Night 2016, whether it’s his morning-after interview with his colleague in Mexico City where he bemoaned that Trump-voting Hispanics “forgot where they came from”, or his interview with Spain’s El Intermedio where he whines about faith-based Hispanics that consider life and family issues at the ballot box.

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Mind you, this poll comes from the same outfit that pegged Trump’s Hispanic support at 18%, whereas other outlets have ranged anywhere from the 30s to the upper 40s.

So 36.4% of Hispanics may very well be on the low side of estimated support. To answer Ramos’ question: yes, it means precisely that “Latinos are more conservative, even with regard to immigration, than what many believe”. One is almost left to wonder whether Ramos has ever heard of the Bradley effect, and how that might play into polling on immigration.

In other words, support among Hispanics for border enforcement has not wavered, despite over two and a half years where domestic Spanish-language newscasts have done little more than wave bloody shirt after bloody shirt on the issue of immigration, which is vital to their business self-interests.

This goes to show how far removes these entities are from the communities that they claim to serve and represent.

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