MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show Audience Plummets

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The latest Nielsen data reveal that The Rachel Maddoow Show on MSNBC has fallen to 5th place in the cable news category, with an audience smaller than Fox News’ The Five and, for the advertisers’ favored 25-54 demographic, only 384,000 viewers.

As reported in Forbes and Breitbart News, the Nielson numbers released this week show that The Rachel Maddow Show had 2.487 million total average viewers in July. This put Maddow behind the four top shows,  all of which are on the Fox News Channel.

In the No. 1 spot was Hannity (3.332 million viewers); No. 2, Tucker Carlson Tonight (3.145 million viewers); No. 3, The Igraham Angle (2.591 million); and No. 4, The Five (2.503 million).

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In July 2018, Rachel Maddow had 2.7 million total average viewers. In one year, her audience has fallen by 213,000 viewers. Maddow’s fifth-place finish for July marked the first time since October 2018 that she did not finish in the top three.

Hannity has been the No. 1 show for four months in a row.

“For nearly three years, Maddow went pedal to the metal spreading the Russia Collusion Hoax like no one else, not even CNNLOL, and once the Mueller Report proved President Trump neither colluded with Russia nor obstructed justice, Maddow was left exposed as a liar and fraud,” said John Nolte with Breitbart News.

“Maddow went all-in on what she knew was a hoax, and for a couple of years it worked, she was in the running for number one,” said Nolte. “But now her integrity is forever damaged.”

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While MSNBC and CNN are almost continually trounced by the Fox News Channel, its showcase morning program, “Fox and Friends — a favorite of President Donald Trump — marked 213 months as the number one cable news program in its timeslot, with an average of 1.4 million viewers while CNN’s New Day had its worst month in the key demo in five years,” reported Mark Joyella at Forbes.

“CNN’s flagship morning show slid 18% among total viewers from the first quarter of 2019 to the second, and was down fully 26% among viewers 25-54, raising questions about the long-term viability of the show on camera and behind the scenes,” said Joyella.

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