John McAfee Has Some Questions About This Weekend’s Mass Shootings

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John McAfee, the cybersecurity pioneer and presidential candidate, chimed in to celebrate bitcoin’s safety bid, and raised a few questions about the series of deadly shootings that unfurled in the US over the weekend.

Amazingly, McAfee didn’t say much about markets, and instead instead raised some “fundamental questions” about acts of domestic terrorism.

As McAfee points out, 75 years ago, shootings like those that took place in Dayton and El Paso over the weekend would have been unheard of.

Still, McAfee – who is on the lam from the IRS – asks a few rhetorical questions:

“Immediately people jump on their soapboxes…first its gun control…then immigration…then race issues…this was racially motivated, psychologically motivated…before we even know what happened we are jumping on our soapboxes.”

First, McAfee said, we need to talk about guns – even though the largest act of domestic terrorism in US history wasn’t perpetrated using guns…it was committed using a home-made fertilizer bomb.

The first question – is this a coincidence? – is one question that should be asked. Though McAfee notes that he’s not a fan of coincidences.

The second – and more important questions – is what is wrong with this society? “I’m not fond of coincidence as an explanation for things…and I’m not fond of coincidence as an explanation for things,” McAfee said.

But more importantly, the more pressing question is why have people become so angry, hostile and alienated that they need to murder total strangers.

“That’s the question, people. We need to answer that first,” McAfee said.

Watch the full clip below:

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