Racism didn’t cause Texas and Ohio shootings

“Russia, Russia, Russia” is now “Racism, Racism, Racism.”
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The first claim has been thoroughly disproved and with the two horrific shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio the rhetoric against President Trump has switched gears despite the fact he had no more connection with the gunmen than he did with Russian election meddling. Not that the facts will stop the barrage of unwarranted blame flying from the mouths of virtually every democrat in office or seeking office.

Cherry-picking details from statements made by law enforcement or media-mad opportunists is a modern press tool

At the center of the circular argument is the usual rhetoric that guns and racism are the reason these young men decided to wreak havoc at popular shopping and entertainment zones. About to burst the liberal bubble here by stating without doubt that it just ain’t so.

Examining corroborated facts, a few media sources properly reported that authorship of the El Paso shooting “manifesto,” posted on unrestrained internet chat site 8chan, is still under investigation. The perpetrator has been apprehended giving law enforcement the upper hand to uncover the post’s origin and the true motivation for the rampage. Not to deny that the post may have been written and uploaded by the 21-year-old (irrelevant to this column, there’s no need to offer fame by naming him), media outlets show no discipline by publicizing unconfirmed information that creates a chosen narrative.

Cherry-picking details from statements made by law enforcement or media-mad opportunists is a modern press tool for developing a story attuned to the writer’s opinion. The last few days have been a news and blogsite free-for-all to dump hundreds of articles professing knowledge of motive and blame that is pending and, at this time, not fully substantiated.

Guns nor racism are the cause underlying incidents like El Paso where 22 lives have been lost, and in Dayton where nine people lie dead, according to the most recent update as of this writing. Neither is the facile fallback argument that mental health is the culprit, throwing in violent entertainment and video games.

What’s missing in this focus-fractured society is God

Then what is? The answer is what makes current culture mavens balk—it’s a spiritual deficit, and not just a loose concept of spirituality such as worship of the earth or the occult.

What’s missing in this focus-fractured society is God.

The trouble stems from schools, media and entertainment teaching nature-based ideologies that believe deity can be anything they want, including themselves. Self-serving belief systems that erroneously assign power to idols that can be humans, inanimate objects, weather systems or celestial bodies are deflections of an innate need to recognize and revere a creator.

Myriad replacement philosophies drown out God’s Voice with a cacophony of amoral social structures that embrace everything from submitting to a jealous war-god to pantheistic worship of nature or appeasing prurient appetites. These result in confusion about social ills, self-worth and life purpose that translate into reactive, fear-based emotional outbursts exactly like what was played out in El Paso and Dayton.

Cloudflare’s executive decision to remove 8chan as a client, government collecting guns from mental patients or outlawing racist jargon will not solve the problem. Raking social media over the coals (much as Google, Facebook, Twitter and the lot deserve it) or assigning responsibility to the president’s words (much as it is not deserved) is more than a placebo, it’s a direct attempt to institute liberal political control.

In God We Trust

It could be said with legitimacy that the trend of removing God from culture is and has been purposeful to instill anarchic thinking among younger generations, tearing the fabric of our social order for the purpose of enabling progressives’ power grab. Media has become the advance troops making it imperative that journalism as well as education and government institutions undergo reformation.

The only way to eradicate racism and rebuild a culture of trust is to reintroduce God’s Culture. It says so on our currency: In God We Trust.

(Interested in learning more about training a new generation of journalists in biblical standards of reporting? Contact A. Dru Kristenev about the opening of Scribes’ College of Journalism.)

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