Jeffrey Epstein, Sex Trafficker for the Political Elite, ASSASSINATED!

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Paramedics tried to revive  Jeffrey Epstein as they wheeled him into the hospital, exclusive photos by the Post show.

If your surprised about hearing of Epstein’s “Suicide” this morning, think of how surprised Jeffrey Epstein was.  His suicide is right out of the script of House of Cards. It appears that Jeffrey Epstein will not be naming any more names.

A former federal prison guard told us that the “suicide” is highly unusual because guards have to check every 15 minutes to ensure a prisoner is safe.

When somebody is on suicide watch it’s actually called a Constant Watch. You literally pull up a chair in front of the inmates cell, which has NOTHING in it, by the way, no sheets, no clothes, NOTHING, and watch them without a break. Officers must enter logs into a log book every 15 minutes. The inmate is dressed only in a suicide smock, which is sleeveless, legless, and is held together with velcro, so there is really no way it could be fashioned into a noose or even a knot. I don’t know how they do things in that jail he was in, but if they knew he was suicidal he should have been watched every minute.

The alleged death by suicide is highly questionable. Unbelievable in fact. A person on suicide watch has nothing in the room that can facilitate suicide.  Nothing.
1. Sheets
2. Pillow cases
3. Clothing
4. Utensils
5. Even types of food one can attempt to choke on.

And suicide watch normally means 24 hour surveillance.

Clearly this was not a  suicide, but an assassination and ordered by whom?

Names starting coming out Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico governor and Clinton cabinet official Bill Richardson – in documents unsealed Friday by federal prosecutors in New York.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who said Epstein made her a sex slave when she was just 16,  Giuffre revealed that she was “trafficked” to Mitchell, a former Senate Majority leader who represented Maine from 1980-95 and was later named special envoy to the Middle East by President Obama. A sworn affidavit by a former Epstein employee, Juan Alessi, also alleges Mitchell, 85, of having associated with Epstein. Giuffre also claimed she also had sex with Epstein’s friend Prince Andrew when she was 17 years of age.

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As Will Chamberlain notes, CCTV and lights have to be on at all times to ensure that a prisoner does not try to kill himself. In this case the camera’s were not working, how convenient.

Many reactions to the Saturday morning to the so called “suicide” death of alleged sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein expressed suspicion around the circumstances of his death.

The claim is Epstein allegedly hanged himself in his cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center early Saturday morning, despite previous reports that he was under suicide watch. Clear as day he was assassinated in order to silence him!

He had been indicted on several charges of exploiting underage girls, sex trafficking, and other crimes related to activities that took place between 2002 and 2005 over several different locations, including the billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas.

His death follows the unsealing of 2,000 pages of documents on Friday that implicated many other high-profile individuals in Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring.

Skepticism ensues after shocking Epstein death.

Authorities couldn’t keep Epstein alive by putting him under 24 hour surveillance? How convenient for a lot of rich and powerful men,” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said.

“How does someone in a maximum security prison who had already attempted suicide once, actually commit suicide? Was Jeffrey Epstein not monitored 24/7? Were there guards sympathetic to him in some capacity? We obviously don’t know much, but this smells very fishy,” Nathan Rubin said.

Harlan Hill said, “Dead men tell no tales. Just as Jeffrey Epstein starts to name names, he decides to kill himself? Mkay. Totally believable.”

“I am not into conspiracy theories,” Scott Hechinger said. “But Epstein had destructive information on an extraordinary number of extraordinarily powerful people. It is not easy to commit suicide in prison. Especially after being placed on suicide watch. Especially after already allegedly trying.”

“Unbelievable and suspicious.”

Even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding an investigation.


Clearly this was an assassination, will that stop the media from labeling anyone who expresses skepticism towards the “suicide” a “conspiracy theorist”?

Giuffre’s attorney, said Epstein’s suicide less than 24 hours after the documents were unsealed “is no coincidence”.


9:44 AM PT — Attorney General William Barr just weighed in on Epstein’s suicide, saying, “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

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