The evidence is clear: Donald Trump is not a racist

By Lauri B. Regan

With half the country apparently completely unhinged (that includes all of the Democrat presidential candidates, a seemingly large portion of the Democratic Party more generally, the mainstream media, academia, and much of Hollywood) due to their psychologically sick abhorrence for the president of the United States, lies claiming that Donald Trump is a white supremacist, racist, and anti-Semitic bigot are rampant.

The veracity (and sanity) of such accusations is irrelevant.  When half of a nation suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, surely an illness that officially should become part of  psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, one begins to understand what Joe Biden meant when he said, “We choose truth over facts.”  For Trump-haters, the truth is in the eyes of the beholder, the facts be damned.  For Trump-haters — like the folks at MSNBC, who perpetuate these lies 24/7 — Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler, and Republicans are Nazis.  Anyone who thinks there is even a modicum of truth in anything being discussed by these radical leftists, who have not told the truth since Trump won the nomination — from Russia collusion to the Charlottesville Lie, clearly suffers from hate and ignorance.

But facts are stubborn things. Fox News contributor and NRO columnist Deroy Murdock compiled a list of quotes and videos that prove that Donald Trump has spent his presidency seeking to unite Americans, condemn hate, and heal the divide that the Left insists on growing for political and ideological motives, the well-being of the country and its citizens be damned.  Deroy’s column, “Don’t Ignore Trump’s Unifying, Anti-Racist Rhetoric,” can be read here, and the video montage (produced by Grabien Inc.), “Trump Condemns Racism, Hatred, & White Nationalism Throughout His First Term,” can be viewed below:

These should be shared far and wide, as those of us who are sane, healthy, and patriotic must be the warriors who fight against the Left’s real bigotry against and hatred of every American who has voted or will vote for Donald Trump.

“Where is the White House?” one friend, a veteran conservative activist, wondered.  “Where is the RNC?  Where, for goodness’s sake, is Trump 2020?  President Trump endured brutal fire from the minute the El Paso gunman was identified until — it hasn’t ended — with the ‘Trump = Hitler rhetoric gushing from the Left like a Gatling gun.  If any of these well paid and well staffed organizations did anything to defend the president on this issue — which is their bloody job — it must have been with invisible ink and self-destructing videotape.  Trump-supporters have every right to feel frustrated and betrayed as those who work for him take this incoming fire and respond, at best, with spitballs.”

As the War on Trump rages, the RNC, the White House, and the Trump 2020 campaign seem MIA in defending President Trump and his morality and values.  Thank you, Deroy, and the few passionate enough to dig up the truth and share it with the American public.


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