Fox News Attacks Trump; President Tweets Disdain for Fox News, Which ‘Isn’t Working For Us Anymore’

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( – President Trump, in three tweets on Wednesday, said he needs to find another news outlet, because “Fox isn’t working for us anymore.”

The president’s anger was triggered by a Fox News interview with DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa, in which Hinojosa discussed the shrinking field of Democrat presidential hopefuls.

“I think that any one of these candidates will be a better president than Donald Trump,” Hinojosa said.

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith at one point asked which Democrat has the best chance of beating Trump, and although Hinojosa declined to answer specifically, she said the “democratic values” espoused by all of the Democrats is “why we will win.”

In response, Trump tweeted:

Trump apparently was upset that Hinojosa gave the Republican National Committee credit for Trump winning battleground states in 2016.

At the end of the interview, Smith asked Hinojosa why former Vice President Joe Biden is making the case that “racism” is a white man’s problem.

Hinojosa responded that Biden and other candidates have pointed out that “there is a lot of hatred going on in our country right now.”

“And there is a president in this White House who wants to divide us and not bring us together, and a lot of our Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden, have talked about — this is how we are going to bring people together. We want to make sure we are representing all Americans, that we aren’t dividing our country, that we aren’t necessarily doing mass deportations.

“That, you know, at the time of a shooting, that we are saying you know what? We need to do something about gun violence. Things like that. And this has been a focal point of his campaign, and it will be of many people,” Hinojosa said.

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