German girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country” Due to Migrants

(1984) Marla is only 14 year old, she attends a private school in Cottbus, Germany.  She came out brave and tells of her nightmare experiences living in a small Germany city with migrants.

Her story is sad, it depicts on how she’s been sexually harassed numerous times,  how she and her girlfriend don’t dare to go to the inner city anymore due to migrants. She made it clear the reason, according to Marla: “So-called shelter seekers”. Due to migrants they have to be careful how they dress, freedoms have eroded.

She said she loves Germany and just wants to live safely in her own country, unfortunately Merkals invited invaders won’t allow that.

Marla spoke on August 21, 2019, in Luckau by Brandenburg.

Video transcript:

0:08 Hello.
0:15 I am Marla, and I am almost 15 years old.
0:19 I visit a private school in Cottbus.
0:23 Today I stand here voluntarily, and
0:27 I want to express my opinions openly today.
0:38 Friends of mine are afraid of going to the city,
0:42 because of the so-called “isolated incidents”.
0:45 We don’t feel safe anymore in the city,
0:48 neither at the mall, nor even in school.
0:52 There are more police walking around in the city,
0:55 which would be totally unnecessary if there weren’t
0:58 these constant incidents in the city.
1:02 Girls are very careful about not dressing too provocatively,
1:06 and about not being noticed, talked to, or worse.
1:11 Regardless of what we deserve, we have not been able to live carefree
1:15 and light-hearted anymore in our own country for the longest time.
1:29 I find it awful that girls and women are sexually harassed
1:34 by so-called “shelter seekers”, and nothing is being done to combat it.
1:39 I myself have experienced this.
1:43 I hate the argument by others
1:47 who say ‘but Germans might do that too,’
1:50 or, ‘we aren’t any better.’
1:53 This is not about who could do this, but who IS doing it,
1:57 and the statistics are unambiguous
2:00 when it concerns refugee delinquency.
2:12 Many adults say we young people should be able
2:16 to form our own opinions, but then when we do
2:19 have an opinion, hardly anyone listens to us
2:22 if it isn’t the right opinion. If our opinions don’t comply
2:26 with the views of the Left, and if they aren’t ‘Fridays-for-future’-compliant.
2:36 I want more young people to finally stand up
2:40 and commit themselves to the well-being of their home country.
2:50 One doesn’t have to hate the foreign, just because they defend what’s theirs.
2:54 I love my country, and I want to live in it safely.
2:59 Thank you very much.

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