Biden Lied, Said He ‘Never’ Spoke to His Son About Ukraine Dealings

2020 Democratic presidential primary frontrunner Joe Biden (D) is in some really hot water after being caught lying about  he and his son speaking about the younger Biden’s Ukraine dealings.

While speaking to reporters on Saturday, Biden — the former vice president from former President Barack Obama‘s corrupt administration — flat out lied to to Fox News’ Peter Doocy that his son Hunter Biden and he “never” discussed the latter’s Ukraine “business dealings”, the younger Biden had said the opposite in a July New Yorker piece.

It gets even worse on the Biden scandal, According investigative reporter John Solomon he found that Joe Biden set not only talked to his son about the deal, he set up the meeting between Ukrainian officials and his son’s company three weeks before the met in 2014.

Hunter Biden was paid at least $166,000 a month following the lucrative deal set up by his daddy with the Ukrainian leaders.

Leftist do not want this corruption looked into and trying to distract and blame Trump for looking into Biden’s crimes.

John Solomon: Let me add a new fact that I just learned tonight. While talking to US diplomats today overseas in Europe I learned that on April 22, 2014 less than three weeks before the Burisma Holdings announced that Hunter Biden was joining their board, Vice President Joe Biden met with the Prime Minister of Ukraine and in that meeting, according to a transcript that I obtained tonight, Joe Biden specifically encouraged the Ukrainians to expand natural gas production with the help of Americans coming to the country. He set up the exact scenario that Hunter Biden just a few weeks later cashed in on.

Sean Hannity: Whoa! This now takes it to a whole new level. Because now he’s basically doing the bidding for his own son’s wealth creation. Maybe even his son would share with his father?

John Solomon: Those were the questions Ukrainians were trying to answer back in 2016 before the prosecutor was fired Sean after pressure from the Obama administration… I do think that the evidence that the Ukrainians possess and would like to give to the US Department of Justice it is sitting there to be handed over.

And after that meeting U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden’s American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Vice President Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine and its tense relations with Russia.

Via Hannity:

Leftist should’ve left that sleeping dog alone.

Former New York City Mayor and Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Sean Hannity on Monday to discuss the growing Biden Family Ukrainian scandal.

Rudy went off on the Biden family calling their money embezzlement schemes one of the biggest American scandals.

Rudy said there are documents, tapes and evidence money laundering.

Sean Hannity: You didn’t get involved in this on your own. Did our State Department ask you to go on a mission for them?

Rudy Giuliani: They did. The State Department called me and asked me if I would take a call from Mr. Yermak. I talked to him. He gave me enormously important facts. I conveyed them all to the State Department unlike the media lies. It was fake news. I wasn’t operating on my own. I have to tell you. I knew this back in November… I told you that Biden was involved in very, very horrible corruption. Shocking to me… It’s disgraceful. I mean Spiro Agnew got thrown out of office for $10,000. This guy was collecting millions and billions. He’s negotiating with China? And the kid gets $1.5 billion? I don’t want to pick on the kid. But you give $1.5 billion to a guy who got thrown out of the military for drug addiction, just a couple days before? You give a drug addict $1.5 billion unless you’re trying to bribe his father.

Sean Hannity: No background in private equity. No background in China. No background in Ukraine…

Rudy Giuliani: And a seriously disturbed person… This stinks to high heaven. It’s a disgrace. It will be one of the big American scandals when it’s eventually uncovered… They cash in wherever Joe is made the point man. And Sean I told you this was going to happen. It’s going to get much worse. I guarantee it. There’s plenty more evidence. There are documents, there are tapes, there are a completely money laundered transaction… Money laundering is a federal crime.

This will be the end of Joe Biden and expose Barack Obama for the corrupt leader he was?
It’s time for the DOJ to act.

 Via Hannity:

Nazar Kholodnytsky, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, said that, soon after he returned from a Washington DC meeting, he saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. That’s when two top Ukrainian officials released secret evidence to the American media, smearing Manafort.

The release of the evidence forced Manafort to step down as Trump’s top campaign adviser. A Ukrainian court concluded last December that the release of the evidence amounted to an unlawful intervention in the U.S. election by Kiev’s government, although that ruling has since been overturned on a technicality.

Since at least 2016, Democrats repeatedly have exerted pressure on Ukraine, a key U.S. ally for buffering Russia, to meddle in U.S. politics and elections.”


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