Dems Trying to Turn Biden Scandal into a Trump Problem” – Trump  Responds to Dems Impeachment Announcement

by Jim Hoft

Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke to reporters today and accused President Trump seriously hurting the US Constitution.

Pelosi announced she was moving forward with impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi also called President Trump a domestic enemy.

Pelosi made her announcement before reading the actual transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President was released.

Democrats took over the US House in January.
They have used 100% of their time in their public coup to remove the US President.

The Trump campaign released a response to this latest political attack on President Trump.

And President Trump later posted this video on today’s Democrat Party.

Democrats using Impeachment as another attempted coup. or it’s political theater for fundraisers and donors.

Also Democrats had to do something to shield Obama, Biden and other members of the deep state from prosecution. If Barr attempts to prosecute Biden now they will claim obstruction of justice. The second the Senate acquits, they lose that protection.

Time for Mitch McTurtle  to require the release of the phone calls between Iran and Obama during the $150 billion transfer of funds, the calls between Obama and the Libyans who assassinated their leader, Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood took over, the Sinola cartel who was paying kickbacks for weapons…


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