You Work For Me! I’m A Taxpayer!”: Ex-ICE Director EVISCERATES Democrat Congresswoman During Hearing

Ex-ICE Director Tom Homan was involved in a heated exchange with pro-open borders Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal during a hearing about ICE detention facilities.

Look at this, Crazy Woman, banging down her gavel; and her eyes popping out of her head. America, this is what the Democrat Communist Party want to do to all of us. If she had her way, Homan would be taken out and shot. She may have thought, “Who Does He Think That He’s Talking To?” These Democrat and RINOs are intoxicated off of their power. They are pseudo-tyrants.

Then Jayapal doesn’t follow protocol and attempts to inject her toxic opinion into the end of the hearing.

Expanded Remarks:

Homan discusses the hearing with Fox News and reveals how witnesses at the hearing are sworn in and must tell the truth, but those asking the questions are not and can lie as much and as often as they want and they typically do.

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