Democrats are desperate to distract attention away from Dem Scandals

Pelosi caved to the radicals and started an “impeachment inquiry” which is a really foolish move by the Democrats. They are going to suffer all the political fall out for trying to impeach Trump without even being able to launch an actual impeachment! Also Jerrold Nadler had already been holding an impeachment inquiry which was already backfiring on the Dems.

The real issues going on here are:

1). The Democrats are desperate to distract attention away from pay off scandals in the Ukraine involving the families of Biden and Pelosi.

2). Pelosi was losing control of the Democrat party as the radicals kept demanding impeachment.

3). 31 Democrats are in majority pro-Trump districts so they’re going to be reluctant to commit career suicide by voting for impeachment.

4). The Democrats still can’t name a single real crime that Trump has committed that would deserve impeachment. Speaking with the president of the Ukraine about investigating criminal matters is literally covered by a treaty with the Ukraine on criminal investigations.

Perhaps, the real issue here is that the Democrats are going to lose the House in 2020. The Republicans are beating them when it comes to fundraising, and many moderates are tired of the Democrat obstructionism and crazy ideas of giving health care to newly arrived illegal aliens while most Americans want a sane policy of keeping illegal aliens out without all the phony asylum obstacles.

If the Democrats can just extend the witch hunt against Trump for another year, maybe they can conjure up something to remove Trump from office because they can’t beat him fair and square at the ballot box.

Breitbart article from Sep. 18th reported “Politico’s morning Playbook pegs the current whip count at 43 votes shy of the 218 needed to start the impeachment process…” And this was after Jerry Nadler harassed several Americans with his “impeachment inquiry” with the testimony, often embarrassing the slow-witted Dems who were asking the questions.

The reason why the Dems are running this as an informal inquiry is that this allows them to hold hearings in which only favorable-to-Dems witnesses are called, the hearings are held behind closed doors, so the Dems can selectively leak information the hearings obtain, and Republicans are not allowed to subpoena anyone.

Partisans say this is like a grand jury. But impeachment (the first phase of removal from office proceedings, ala “the indictment” phase) is not really equivalent to a grand jury. In a formal impeachment inquiry, both sides of the House aisle are authorized to subpoena witnesses and documents. Counsel for POTUS are allowed to attend hearings. The hearings themselves are conducted in the open, not in secret.

Partisans say the Constitution does not establish the rules for impeachment, so the Dem majority can establish new rules to its heart’s content. This is erroneous. The Constitution requires Due Process. It requires the premise of innocence until proven guilty. It guarantees the right of a defendant to confront his accusers. The Dems tried to turn the Constitution upside down for the Kavanaugh confirmation. They’re doing it again.

The Dems are trying to destroy Trump in the “court of public opinion”, aided by a corrupt MSM. If Trump ignores “subpoenas”, the Dems are not going to file court petitions to force Trump to comply, because they know their petitions would be denied. No, they are going to issue non-enforceable “subpoenas” and the MSM will report that Trump is “obstructing justice”, to turn the electorate against the President in Nov. 2020. They are hoping that HRC can beat him again, as she did in 2016. (Or Warren or whoever)


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