Impeachment Backfiring on Democrats, Swing Voters Say its a Distraction

The Democrats made a huge mistake with this impeachment hoax, after the Muller investigation fell in shambles, swing voters have had enough.

Voters in key states are annoyed and see it all as a distraction from the important issues.

Breitbart reports:

Nine out of 11 swing voters who took part in a focus group in Ohio said impeachment is a distraction from the issues they care most about — wages and unemployment, border security, bringing troops home, and health care costs and access.

The focus group — convened by Axios and Engagious/FPG last week — showed that swing voters are “expressing a range of unease about impeaching President Trump,” according to an Axios report.

The fears range from impeaching hurting the economy to frustrations that House Democrats are most invested in going after Trump than in helping people, said the report…

…“They need to focus on the real issues,” said Judy D., a 60-year-old Trump voter, said. “[Nancy] Pelosi hates him so bad, I just think she needs to drop it and worry about the country.”

Deborah G., a 56-year-old Clinton voter, said, “They need to be concentrating on the country, not what he’s doing wrong,”

Eric B., a 34-year-old Trump voter, said, “They hit a big strike on Mueller, so this is trying to get another base hit on the president.”

Richelle W., a 40-year-old Trump voter, said, “It’s become more of … ‘Destroy the other party’ instead of build the whole country up.”

The Democrats are so blind to reality on this… to their own detriment keep pushing forward.  Worse yet for Democrats is 31 Democratic seats up for grabs in swing states. The impeachment hoax could very well cause Democrats to lose the house as well.

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