Poll: 52% Think Impeachment is a ‘Stunt’

Nearly 2 in 3 call it a waste of time

A new poll found 52% of Americans consider the Democrats’ impeachment investigation of President Trump a “political stunt.”

The McLaughlin poll, the Gateway Pundit reported, also indicated 47% believe the president should not cooperate and 59% say it’s just a waste of time and the Democrats “need to work with Republicans to solve the nation’s problems.

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported, Gallup has admitted that its poll indicating 52% of Americans “now support Trump’s impeachment and removal” may have included illegal aliens or non-citizen legal residents.

Gallup also said it doesn’t know how many of the poll respondents were registered voters.

Breitbart noted establishment media have quoted Gallup widely.

Of the 1,526 respondents, only 462, or 30.2%, were Republicans, and only 6% of them favored impeachment and removal, Breitbart also pointed out.

Gallup counted each GOP response as “85% of a respondent.”

Meanwhile, there were 419 Democratic respondents, and they each were counted as 107% of a respondent.


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