25 Mind-Blowing Things Likely to Happen If Dems Succeed in The Coup Against Trump

By Mike Adams Natural News

With the collusion of the deep state media, CIA operatives and anti-Trump tech giants that censor all facts, the deep state is hoping to crush democracy, destroy Trump and install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States in just the next few months.

Should they succeed in achieving a U.S. Senate conviction of Trump — which would remove him from office — here are 25 shocking, history-changing events we may see unfold.

Disclaimer: This author does not condone any of the actions outlined below. This is analysis, not a call for action. Many of the events described below involve mass executions and other horrific crimes. We hope to see none of this come to pass.

#1) The stock market will implode. That’s because Trump seems to be the only person remaining in Washington D.C. who doesn’t want the stock market to crash. If Dems seize power, expect a collapse of the stock market and U.S. economic activity as Wall Street investors head for the exits. Democrats will thrust America into an economic nosedive approaching Venezuela-scale collapse.

#2) Once Trump is impeached in the coup falsely convicted and removed from office, the focus will immediately shift to removing Mike Pence so that Nancy Pelosi — current Speaker of the House — becomes President without any election taking place. (Note that the deep state traitors absolutely despise the voters and will do everything possible to override the will of the People.)

#3) Once Nancy Pelosi becomes President, she will immediately push to nominate and have Hillary Clinton confirmed as Vice President. This will require confirmation from the Senate, but if Senate Republicans have already lost any backbone to prevent the conviction of Trump, they will have no resistance whatsoever to Democrats shoving Hillary Clinton down America’s throat.

#4) At this point, the Republican party will have folded into oblivion, and the GOP will cease to exist as an influential political party in America.

The Democrats will push for absolute rule through the continued elimination of their political opponents as described below. The voters will abandon the GOP and send them packing, opting for a new, independent political party to challenge the lawlessness and tyranny of the Democrats.

#5) This is not a prediction, but a possibility: After being removed from office, President Trump could form his own political party and run for president again.

If elected, he could serve two more terms, since his first term will have been nullified by the impeachment effort. Most Americans who previously voted for Trump as a member of the GOP would go with Trump to the new “Trump party,” and the GOP would collapse to little more than a handful of delusional Washington academics who mentally circle jerk each other with elitist conversations like, “We are so polite” and “tis better to lose an election than be criticized by the media.”

#6) After removing Trump from office and installing Hillary Clinton as President, Democrats will immediately begin to work to reverse all of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, which so far cover Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

This will be pushed with the media-led narrative that goes something like this: “Since Trump was convicted of working with the Russians to steal the election, everything he did while in office is tainted with criminality and must be reversed.”

To help remove Kavanaugh from office, watch for a reprise of the sobbing crisis actor Christine Blasey Ford, who has been practicing crying on cue and pretending to talk like a 16-year-old.

Come to think of it, Dr. Greta Thunberg, an actual 16-year-old, is now pretending to be a climate scientist, which just goes to show you that acting is a crucial skill for Leftists, since nothing they do is genuine or rooted in reality.

The new, fabricated claims against Kavanaugh will likely consist of Blasey Ford claiming Kavanaugh recruited 12 circus monkeys to rape her on a trapeze while flying through the air after being shot out of a cannon.

And he did it while holding a beer cup, too. The fact that she’s crying on camera means you can’t question it, remember? “All women must be believed,” say the Democrats. Unless that woman is Ivanka Trump.

#7) Beyond merely removing Trump’s Supreme Court justices, an effort will be made to reverse all of Trump’s federal judge nominations which have already been confirmed by the U.

S. Senate. This will impact hundreds of federal judges. But remember, the Dems will claim orange man bad, and therefore all the orange man’s decisions must be reversed and nullified. (Never mind the fact that impeachment is the Dems’ attempt to nullify an entire election and erase the votes of the American people…)

#8) There’s one more thing that will take place on the nullification front: Dems will attempt to reverse Trump’s tax cut, his de-fanging of Obamacare and all his eliminations of regulatory burdens on various businesses.

They will also claim that every executive order, international agreement or treaty signed by Trump is now null and void.

#9) Removing Trump will also unleash a coordinated agenda to block the upcoming confirmations of pro-Second Amendment judges to federal courts. As the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms explains in a November 1 press release:

…[T]here is a “hidden agenda” behind the impeachment efforts of House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and it is designed to tie up the U.

S. Senate and derail efforts to confirm more pro-Second Amendment judges to the federal courts. “It is clear to us that Capitol Hill anti-gunners are doing everything in their power to prevent confirmation of conservative judges who will adhere to the Constitution,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “By burdening the Senate with this nonsense, Democrats believe they can prevent confirmation of pro-Second Amendment judicial nominees during the final year of President Donald Trump’s first term.”

The patriot uprising and the coming mass arrest of all traitors in Washington D.

C. (and your local state government)

#10) It’s unlikely that all the Democrat nullification actions described above will ever succeed because the moment Trump is convicted by the U.

S. Senate, America will very likely see a massive patriot uprising against the corrupt establishment, culminating in as many as one million legally armed Americans converging on Washington D.C. There, they will demand the arrest and indictment of every last treasonous piece of D.C. filth who voted for impeachment in the House or the Senate. Before long, it will be swamp rat season in D.C., and the “new President,” Nancy Pelosi, will no doubt invoke the very same Insurrection Act that President Trump should be invoking right now.

That will result in the U.

S. military being ordered to defend President Pelosi against a million armed Americans who are determined to oppose the illegal coup and defend the real president — that’s Trump — from the lawless deep state that fabricated everything to illegally remove him from power.

The net effect of all this will be a civil war inside the military itself that spills out onto the streets of America.

#11) As part of the uprising, patriot groups will likely target the complicit media organizations that took part in the attempted illegal coup against the United States of America.

This means fake news propaganda hubs like CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post should expect to have their fake “reporters” — i.e. CIA puppet propagandists — arrested and indicted for conspiracy to commit treason. There is a long list of treasonous media puppets who have plastered their names all over their propaganda stories that cited fictitious “sources,” fake “facts” and fabricated narratives to try to destroy America. Every last one of these criminals may face life in prison.

#12) Don’t expect the uprising to stop at taking down the anti-America fake news media.

Tech giants will likely be next on the list to be taken down while their CEOs are arrested and imprisoned for systematically violating the civil rights of millions of Americans through censorship and election rigging. The CEOs of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and other anti-America, anti-speech tech giants should expect to face arrests and indictments for their complicity in carrying out heinous crimes against the American people and taking part in the coordinated theft of the 2018 mid-term elections.

#13) State-level representatives will also face arrest and indictments for their roles in gutting the Second Amendment and protect illegal aliens.

There are already plans in place, as we’ve seen across various posts on the ‘net, for patriot groups to carry out mass arrests of state representatives in California, New York, Colorado and other states. The days of state Senators and lawmakers violating the rights of Americans while protecting criminal illegal aliens will soon be coming to a close.

#14) As the uprising continues, watch for law enforcement groups to literally hunt down and eliminate Antifa members nationwide.

The days of deranged, lunatic left-wing mobs attacking police officers on the street will come to a sudden end. Under the “new rules” of the Dems, force will become the final rule, and when it comes to force, cops easily out-gun Leftists. (Note: I’m not calling for this, just analyzing what’s coming.)

#15) As the civil war explodes across America, we are very likely to see the power grid disconnected from liberal stronghold cities as a tactic to plunge those cities into chaos.

Watch for tactical disruptions of fuel, food, water and electricity. Or, come to think of it, you could just move to California right now and let PG&E do this for you anyway. Note that in the last 30 days, millions of Californians have already lost power due to obligatory blackouts that California’s criminal politicians falsely claim is due to “high winds.” It’s absurd. Wind doesn’t cause power lines to spontaneously burst into flame. In truth, California’s power grid is collapsing, and “wind” is just the excuse to cover up the reality. The real story is that California doesn’t have the power capacity to feed its grid anymore, and they’re just making up fake excuses for shutting things down.

If you want a glimpse of what’s coming in a civil war scenario, check out this story from the Omaha World-Herald entitled, “Days of terrifying darkness, cold and hunger amid PG&E’s sweeping power blackouts.” Some highlights:

Despite attempts to prepare after a shorter outage earlier this month, the duration of the blackout frayed both tempers and order. Gas tanks were siphoned, generators “are like diamonds,” said one resident. Cellphones are still sporadic; news remains mostly word of mouth.

“It’s insane,” Huchingson said.

“It’s horrible and just totally unacceptable.”

When deep darkness took over by 7 p.m. in the scattered towns around Clear Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the state, there was a “tension in the air,” said resident Susan Blunt, a feeling that while a threat may not be imminent, sunset held a primal menace. The sheriff declared a state of emergency, citing “conditions of extreme peril.”

“Not only are we in the dark, it’s almost like we are completely shut off from the world and that makes it even more terrifying,” said Annette Carter on Tuesday. “I can handle a lot of stuff, but my kids being in fear and not being able to reach out to the world and find out what’s going on … that’s problematic.”

The coming mass executions and “political holocaust” if Dems seize power

Should the patriot uprising fail to take down the enemies of America, we will see Democrats seize total power and shift into a violent authoritarianism phase, complete with a nationwide police state, total control over all speech and the targeted executions of Democrats’ political opponents.

16) Mass executions and a “political holocaust” of death to all conservatives.

Having survived the patriot uprising, authoritarian Leftists will coordinate with the deep state and the complicit media to call for and condone the mass executions of all who supported Trump, the patriots or even the very idea of America. Calls will go out for mass executions in the streets across America, and lunatic Leftists will be happy to comply.

As Dave Hodges writes in this story, “Schiff Is Following In the Path of Hitler In Leading the Overthrow of the US Government- America Should Expect a Holocaust to Follow Impeachment“:

Adam Schiff should be considered to be a modern-day Adolph Hitler… After Hitler assumed the dictatorial mantle of power, he still had to contend with the opposition power, the Communists.

Hitler created the mother of all false flags, at that time, and burned down the Reichstag. Then he proceeded to murder his opposition in the name of preserving the country in the face of falsely accused treason. One by one the Communist leadership was murdered.

In order to consolidate power, Hitler then went after segments of the population.

Everyone knows about the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and the medically infirm. However, under the guise of protecting Germany from the “Jewish conspiracy” dissidents were targeted and many were accused of being members of the four primary persecuted groups.

So what happens when Schiff’s people complete their coup against the President? If history sets the example as it did in Russia and Germany, there will be a two stage coup.

The first stage will compromise the Republicans and kill the ones like Rand Paul and Gohmert as being enemies of the state. I expect MS-13, the assassins of choice for the drug cartels, to be the executioners. This is why they were brought here. When the top level tier of political opposition is eliminated, then it is time to turn their attention to you. America will then find out why the NSA, google and Amazon spies relentlessly on the public… Many of you reading these words will become Adam Schiff’s version of the modern day equivalent of Jews and you will be exterminated and has many have pointed out, you will die at the end of guillotine and your spare parts (ie organs will be trafficked).

17) The complete censorship of all conservatives, Trump supporters, Christians and gun owners who weren’t already executed by the left-wing mobs. As part of the move to demonize and mass murder conservatives and Trump supporters across America, censorship by the tech giants will be ratcheted up to extreme levels. Popular browsers will block all websites labeled “disinfo” by the government, forcing independent media to go “underground” or resort to old school techniques to share information, such as printing hard copies, sharing thumb drives or operating on the dark net.

18) The complete elimination of the Second Amendment and nationwide gun confiscation. To make sure the American people cannot defend themselves against the dictatorial police state run by Demoncrats, the Second Amendment will be repealed and all Americans will be required to turn in their guns to government officials in the name of “stopping terrorism.” Those who refuse will be shot if found with firearms of any kind. The tyrannical regime will send federal agents house to house, kicking in doors, tossing flashbangs into baby cribs, torturing families in their own living rooms or doing whatever it takes to take their guns.

Expect strong resistance from armed Americans.

If authoritarian, lawless Democrats attempt this move, they will need a steady supply of body bags for their own operatives who will quickly discover that millions of Americans will shift into guerrilla warfare mode and begin targeting the very teams dispatched to engage in gun confiscation. The average lifespan of a federal agent on a gun confiscation rotation will probably be about three days.

19) The government seizure of all domain names of anti-establishment websites that dare to question official narratives.

All websites that support Trump or criticize the Demoncrats will be completely disconnected from the internet, likely by rigging the domain name server (DNS) system to exclude all such sites by labeling them “hate speech” or “terrorism propaganda.” InfoWars, Breitbart, Natural News, The Gateway Pundit, Big League Politics and many others will be scrubbed from the internet, and their founders will be literally hunted and shot on sight, if they can be located.

Watch for bounties to be placed on the heads of people like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

This is how the corrupt, lawless government will try to get former employees to turn against the very people who are trying to save America from tyranny.

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