We Hear You: Oberlin College’s ‘Lawsuit Mess’ With a Local Bakery

Dear Daily Signal: I enjoyed reading the transcript of Rob Bluey’s enlightening podcast interview with Cornell law professor Bill Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection website about the judgment in the case of Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College (“Conservative Law Professor Challenges Campus Left on Free Speech (and Wins Them Over)“).

I am an alumna of Oberlin College, class of ’92, and have watched with dismay, but not surprise, the lawsuit mess with Gibson’s Bakery. I have received Oberlin’s emails and letters on the subject, which were very one sided, and did not even include the very basic fact that it began with a student who had shoplifted at the bakery.

I had to look up the facts myself after receiving Oberlin’s email, to find out what had actually transpired. Again, unbelievable to me, but not a surprise.  

It is most likely that none of my six children are going to
consider or apply to Oberlin College. I would rather use tuition dollars more
wisely. I do financially support a student organization on campus, one that has
a higher calling than do Oberlin administrators.

I appreciate your bringing to light Mr. Jacobson’s
experiences and his approach to our woefully uneducated college students and
wider society.

Maybe we could get some bumper stickers or yard signs made along the lines of his observations and answers to students’ questions. Just kidding, I don’t want to put a target on my car or home!

You have my permission to reprint my email as a letter to the editor. I myself am encouraged, by reading others’ letters and articles such as Rob Bluey’s, to know that we are not alone in our traditional, hopefully fair-minded and thoughtful values. One would get that idea from the mass media—and as such it has limited input in our home.

Keep up the good work, as it is needed now more than ever. Voices of calm in the hysteria are much appreciated.—Keely A. Dien, Fountain Valley, Calif.

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On ‘Safer’ Abortion Clinics

Thanks for
Melanie Israel’s commentary article on an abortion doctor’s cruelty, “Discovery
of Fetal Remains at Abortionist’s House Shows the Cruelty of Abortion

I would like to suggest that as pro-life citizens we drop
calls for making abortion facilities cleaner, safer, and so on, for the
mothers. The cleanest facility in the world is still truly the prenatal
equivalent of a gas chamber.

Would we call for well-regulated clinics for mothers to take
their nagging 2-year-olds for termination, or would we persist in calling for
the termination of policies that allow such evil? Would we pretend that the
only thing undignified about the practice is the burial method, or would we
insist the practice itself must be stopped? 

We need to careful, honest, and wise in our advocacy for the unborn.—Karen Cox, Waynesboro, Ga.

Taming the Administrative State

Dear Daily Signal: The commentary by Anthony Campeau and Paul J. Larkin Jr. begins to address the issues of the federal bureaucracy (“How Trump’s New Executive Orders Protect the Public Against the Administrative State”). The real issue is that Congress is the body that must act on regulations instead of relinquishing responsibility to a faceless bureaucracy. 

Judging by their commentary, President Trump
is taking some good steps. One of the biggest problems is that the
ordinary citizen is not always aware of due process and can become intimidated by
the regulator. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Congress and the
bureaucracies to ensure that citizens are protected from arbitrary acts. 

Congress should ensure that the regulations are constitutional and that there is due process.  The regulatory agencies must adopt strict procedures to ensure individuals do receive due process.—Philip G. Daspit, Florida

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Kevin Mooney’s article about corrupt union officials was right on target (“Union Scandal Coincides With GM Autoworkers Strike”).

It’s been many years since unions were member advocates, while trying to ensure companies stay profitable. Thank you for this timely expose.—Betty Mayes, Wichita, Kan.


Those on the left who seek to destroy President Trump over the Ukraine incident have selective memories, conveniently overlooked the following presidential precedents:

1.  President
Obama’s attempt to undermine Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu’s previous

2.  Obama’s
publicly stated preference for a “remain” vote on Brexit.

And he is still at it, coming out in public support of Justin Trudeau in Canada’s election.—Jon Metes


When I went into the
military in 1960, we took an oath that included the words “enemies both foreign
and domestic.”

Our country is now infested with “domestic enemies” that are trying to disrupt and destroy our government. How do we start to fulfill our oath?—Marty K.


Here is my proposal for dealing with the current mess in Washington, D.C.  Let’s move our nation’s capital to Salinas, Kansas. 

Yes, the swamp would move there over time, but it might buy our republic
50 years or perhaps more.  Go ahead, say I’m crazy, but think about the idea
every now and then. 

And let’s set the prevailing wages of Congress, the executive branch, and Supreme Court employees equal to the current prevailing wages in Kansas.  It makes more sense to me every time I consider it.—William H. Pound, Bozeman, Mont.


I have an idea for a cartoon. A liberal businessman is raking his front yard, thinking, “I hate Trump, I hate Trump, I hate Trump.” But he is raking in dollars, not leaves.—Ron Pickett

How Are We Doing?

I have waited for a long time to find a source of truth. I hope and pray that you at The Daily Signal are my answer.—Shirley Simons

You are one of the very few who care about your reader’s opinions.  Thank you. That’s called communicating.—R.W. Van Dyke

I appreciate your news and find it very interesting. Wish we had this in South Africa.—Francoais Benjamin Schutt

Great website, very informative. One of the best.—Jack Olson


I really enjoy your work. Thank you.—Leo Jablonski

Doing great! Don’t change a thing.—David Fullerton

You are doing just fine so far.  Keep it up!—Terence Dusseault

In a word, great!—V.L. Green

Source material can be found at this site.

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