Naftali Bennett Sends Message to Iran’s Leaders

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett commented on Wednesday morning on the IDF air strikes in Syria and delivered a message to the terrorist organizations.

“The rules have changed: Anyone who fires at the State of Israel during the day does not sleep at night. So it was last week and so it is this week,” he said.

“Our message to Iran’s leaders is simple: You are no longer immune. Wherever you send your octopus arms – we will cut them off,” continued Bennett.

“The IDF will continue to provide a protective wall for Israeli citizens,” concluded the Defense Minister.

In response to the rockets fired by an Iranian force from Syrian territory at Israel, IDF fighter jets struck dozens of military targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian Armed Forces, including surface-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons warehouses and military bases, overnight Tuesday.

During the IDF strike, a Syrian air defense missile was fired, despite clear warnings to refrain from such fire. Consequently, a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were destroyed.

IDF Spokesperson Hedi Zilberman told reporters on Wednesday morning that surface-to-air missile batteries, weapons warehouses, headquarters in the Damascus area and observation posts in the Golan were destroyed in the air strikes. Iranian headquarters and logistical bases in the Damascus area were attacked as well.

“We are prepared for defense and attack. We will respond harshly if there are further attacks. There are no changes in the instructions to the home front,” said Zilberman.

“The wave of strikes was widespread in its objectives. The attack included dozens of components in Damascus, south and west of the city, and in the Golan, including Iranian assets. A number of anti-aircraft missiles were fired and we destroyed the batteries from which they were launched. We are prepared for three scenarios: lack of response, minor response, and more significant response,” he added, noting the attack was coordinated in advance with Russia and the United States.

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