Bolivia reestablishes relations with Israel after 10 years

Bolivia’s Foreign Minister Karen Longaric announced Thursday that the state intends to renew its diplomatic relations with Israel after former President Evo Morales decided to sever relations in 2009.

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Longaric said the government plans to renew relations with Israel, a move that may benefit local tourism, but did not specify an exact date for the move.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz welcomed the announcement: “I welcome the announcement by the Bolivian government of its intention to renew relations with the State of Israel, which will contribute to strengthening the State of Israel’s foreign relations and status in the world.”

”The Foreign Office has been working for a long time to promote the renewal of relations directly and also through the Brazilian President and the Brazilian Foreign Minister with whom I recently spoke on the issue at the UN Conference in New York.

“The departure of president Morales, who was hostile to Israel Morales, and his replacement with a friendly Israeli government, allows the process to mature,” the Foreign Minister explained.

Evo Morales resigned as President of Bolivia on November 10 amid protests over a disputed election and has fled to Mexico.

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