6 Muslims Arrested in Islamic Terror Attack on US Navy Base in Florida

The Islamic Terrorist attack Friday morning at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida left three killed

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Islamic Terrorist Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

and several wounded have identified the terrorist shooter who is also reported dead. A Muslim Saudi Arabian military pilot trainee — Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. (NBC News)  The reports say federal investigators are looking at Islamic terrorism as a motive.

Six Saudi nationals were arrested following the terrorist attack.  The New York Times reports that six other Saudi muslims were detained after the terror shooting, and three of those six Muslims filmed the shooting as it unfolded in Pensacola.

The shooter was reportedly at the Pensacola to train. Former Gov. Rick Scott, currently Sen. Scott (R-FL), expressed concern that the Saudi attacker was in Pensacola training on a U.S. base

The Islamic terrorist reportedly left this message before Twitter took down his account this afternoon.

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