11 YEARS AGO TODAY – Junk Scientist Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in 5 Yrs


On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

Gore made the prediction to a German audience on December 13, 2008. Al warned them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

“Five Years”

This wasn’t the only time Al Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore had been predicting dire scenario since 2007. That means that the North Pole should have melted completely six years ago today.

Junk scientist Al Gore also made the same prediction in 2009.

From the video:

Former Vice President Al Gore references computer modeling to suggest that the north polar ice cap may lose virtually all of its ice within the next seven years. “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” said Gore.

In January 2006, Al Gore pushed the theory that “within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return” and “a true planetary emergency” due to global warming.

Of course, this turned out to be nothing more than a lunatic conspiracy.

At least 8 Dire Predictions from the movie never happened – not even close.

1. Sea Levels Are Rising At An Alarming Rate

In his movie Gore predicted that sea levels could rise six meters (20 feet) with the melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets.

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Now, we know that the South Pole is gaining more ice than it’s losing. Also a great amount of the losing is due to underground heat. As for Greenland, its melting cycle doesn’t seem to have changed much. In fact, it seems to be quite regular. And sea level has been increasing… at a steady level since we started recording them.

But if the rising sea level is so catastrophic, why has Gore bought a beachfront mansion?

2. CO2 Is The Control Knob For Temperature

Like most climate cultists, Al Gore firmly believes that carbon dioxide – what you are exhaling – is what controls temperature. And climate models have constantly reflected that reality.

Unfortunately, “it’s the sun, stupid” to paraphrase Bill Clinton. Indeed satellite data show no increase in temperature for nearly 19 years despite a constant increase in CO2. The Sun, on the other hand, might have a much larger role in the Earth’s climate. So much that some scientists are talking about a significant cooling because the Sun is “quieter.”

And of course, climate models have miserably failed even compared to the (very probably) tampered NASA data.

3. Hurricane Katrina Was Man Made

Two years before Gore released his movie, New Orleans had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. At the time many people believed that this would be the new norm because of global warming.

Now, Gore was partly right: damage to New Orleans was man-made. It was caused by a dire neglect of the levees protecting the city. And their improvement might not be enough to withstand another Katrina.

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As for Katrina being the new norm, Gore is wrong once more. No F3+ hurricane has landed on U.S. soil since Wilma in October 2005, the longest such “drought” ever recorded.

Have Obama’s actions on climate helped? Or was there no problem in the first place?

4. Severe Tornadoes Are Increasing

Along with hurricanes, climate cultist logic teaches us that other extreme wind events like tornadoes will be on the rise.

However it’s not blowing very strong. F3+ tornadoes have been declining for over 60 years. Also, the overall number of tornadoes has been unusually low in the past three years. It does have an upwards trend, but that’s because we have better tools to detect them.

5. Polar Bears Are Dying

The North’s favorite mascot in going extinct according to America’s green pope. Because the ice is getting thinner because of global warming, they can’t reproduce. A recent picture of a sick polar bear also “proved” that point.

Of course, this is hot air too. There are more polar bears now than when Al Gore was born. The government of Nunavut, along with Inuit hunters, have also noticed that the polar bear is doing quite well.

6. The Arctic Is Melting

The polar bears are (supposedly) disappearing because their playground, the Arctic, is melting fast. Gore even predicted its complete melting for 2014.

Now that we know it’s not true, here is one more inconvenient truth about the North Pole. It’s gaining ice, and 2015 saw the largest refreezing in over a decade.

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7. The Sahel Is Drying Up

The region south of the Sahara desert is one of the poorest places on the planet. And because of global warming, it’s getting drier and drier according to the Goreacle.

This is not true. As shown by satellite images, the Sahel is in fact one of the regions that gained the most flora density since satellites exist. All of that is due to the reviled CO2, which acts as a fertilizer.

8. CO2 Is Pollution

Finally, no climate cultist nonsense would be complete without uttering their favorite lie: CO2 is carbon “pollution.” Therefore we must fight to control it to protect our children, save the planet, stop kitten massacres, etc.

But as shown above, more CO2 is desirable. In fact, agriculture seems to profit greatly from increased carbon “pollution” as shown by yields. But if CO2 does need to be controlled, then liberals might think twice about organic farming.

In short, Al Gore remains as irrelevant as he was 10 years ago. Like the climate models, nearly all his predictions fell flat. And with elections lurking around the corner, make sure you don’t elect one of his followers. Unless, of course, you want to destroy America’s economy once and for all.


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