Poll: 89% of Orthodox Jews will vote for President Trump

A poll by the U.S. magazine Ami shows 89% of Orthodox Jews in the United States say they will vote for incumbent President Donald Trump in the next election.

The survey covered several states and shows an increase from the previous year’s figures, so that 82% of respondents (Orthodox Jews) said they would vote for Trump.

This, alongside a poll conducted by the Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs in Los Angeles that encompassed about 2,000 California Jews showing more than 70 percent of Orthodox Jews expressing “very firm support” for President Trump.

All the polls show Orthodox Jewish conviction that Donald Trump’s presidency has done much more for the security of the State of Israel than any president since 1980.

Another interesting statistic is that 26% of respondents identified themselves as Democrats but said that as Jews they do not trust their party when it comes to combating anti-Semitism.

Source material can be found at this site.

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