CAA\NRC, Friday prayers and Riots

Ever since the Parliament of India has passed the Citizen Amendment Act, the opposition parties and leaders, supported by some anti-government biased journalists and activists have got an issue to create disturbances in the country. They have got an easy prey in Muslims and their fringe groups to instigate and provoke for violence.
They have begun the countrywide protests. Surprisingly, most of these protests started from the mosques after the Friday Namaz of Muslims and guided by the Imams and maulvis of the mosques. This is not protesting. This is violence and rioting. There are a very horrible situation and signals in the country. Now it is very clear that the leaders and parties are anti-Hindu. Now they have fallen so low that they are provoking and instigating the Muslims, openly and brazenly for violence, riots, arson, stone-pelting and damage to the public property.
They are playing havoc with the lives of the people. Innocent police personals that are performing their duties are attacked brutally by the rioters. Opposition leaders and parties supported by NGOs, activists, media, Maulvis etc have made lives miserable and unsafe for the common men. Most of the educational institutions are shut, internet suspended, transport services disrupted and other facilities also disturbed.
Now, this is a new danger for the safety of the people. Muslim clergies are openly threatening to start a violent Jihad. The most alarming signals are those that most of the riots and disturbance are controlled by the ignorant and radical elements. It is very difficult for the police and the law enforcement authorities to control the violence because there are lakhs of mosques and madrasas in the country and almost all are participating in these protests cum violence.
All the people should fight against this new danger and a new divisive trend. CAB and NRC are all the more necessary to find out all these anti-Hindu and anti-India elements. Even the police have to close the gates of the hospitals, fearing the rioters and criminals. The gates of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash and GB Pant Hospitals, Delhi had to shut fearing the rioters and violence.
Persecuted Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Buddhists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh will get the citizenship of India automatically and easily under this act. It is also a naked truth that due to the Islamic rule and Muslim radicals, non-Muslim people are brutally repressed by the Muslims and the authorities in these nations. Non-Muslim people have been almost wiped by the radical Islamists during the last seventy years. They have hardly any human rights in these nations.
In Pakistan, in 1947, Hindus and Sikhs were around 30% of the total population and in Bangladesh, in 1947; Hindu and Sikh population was around 35% of the total population. But today, in Pakistan, Hindu and Sikhs are only around 4% of the total population where they are only around 8% of the total population in Bangladesh. Afghanistan has around 5% of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist population which is almost totally wiped out. Still, their lives are very miserable there. So, it is very necessary to give special treatment to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Christians in India to safeguard their human rights.
The large scale violence witnessed in almost all the Muslim dominated areas since December 14 is not spontaneous. It was scrupulously planned by the foot-soldiers of ‘Break India’ gangs. There are intelligence reports that Congress, Left groups, other opposition parties, NGOs, activists and Muslim fringe groups were actively involved in mobilizing the students and Muslims for this protest via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
Throughout these ‘violent protests’, that have now turned into riots, arson, stone attacks, damage to public property and attack on police, students and Muslims have been fed with hate and inflammatory contents regarding CAA and NRC. Ironically, the very left ‘intellectual and Academic’ who teach other about secularism, inclusiveness, multiculturalism, liberal values, tolerance, non-violence, evils of lynching are busy spreading lies, hate, communalism and divisive ideas. This necessitated curbing internet services but it was too late. The preachers of hate and violence had sent the message and set the stage for violence and mayhem.
In the violence of students and Friday prayer going people are the main participants. Urban Naxals got a chance to settle the scorecard. Public property was vandalized, vehicles burnt, brick missiles hurled, policemen attacked as ‘protests’. It was horrifying to see the policemen running to safety as rioters trying to lynch the cops. For this mayhem and violence, the rioters were blaming the CAA although nobody knows even the full form of CAA.
It is a clear frustrated reaction to the steps taken by the BJP for the people and the nation. The opposition parties and leaders are out to cash to make their Vote Banks with a ‘damn the nation’ mind-set. The government should have foreseen the mind-set of these elements to safeguard the nation and the people. It should have realized that the decade of minority communalism and appeasement cannot be erased in one spell of reforms.
The biggest losers are again the Hindus. They are horrified at the sight of law enforcers being beaten mercilessly, students shouting divisive slogans borrowed from Urban Naxals, lawyers disrespecting judges, teachers instigating the students, Imams provoking the believers, fringe Muslim groups, activists dividing the people and all claiming to be secular, liberal, inclusive, tolerant, multicultural and what not.
It is scary to see evil forces all around you, TV screens with evil smiles, guiding lynching mobs, meticulously prepared inflammatory speeches and timid authorities with roses and folded hands.
Wake up the sleepy nation before it is too late!

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