Pelosi’s Ploy

By William L. Gensert

Some say there is an evil genius to Pelosi’s withholding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate where they are certain to face ignominious defeat.  As long as she refuses to submit, the “Wicked B!tch of the West” can claim Trump has been impeached without having to acknowledge that her crimeless Articles are doomed to an unceremonious trouncing in a Republican-controlled Senate.

She is counting on an uninformed public, unaware that constitutionally, until she transmits the articles to the Senate, Trump has not been impeached.  A grand jury can decide for indictment but if the prosecutor chooses not to file the indictment with the court, that person has not been indicted.

To paraphrase her ideological thought-mate, Ted Kaczynski, Pelosi, with the delay of her impeachment bomb, “wants to eat her cake and have it too.”

She knows people will believe that Trump has been impeached.  After all, it’s often said Nixon was impeached, despite the easily findable information that he resigned before Articles of Impeachment were voted on.

Yet, at best for Pelosi, like Schrodinger’s cat, Trump now is neither impeached nor unimpeached, or both, at this time, or any time, I don’t know, it’s all so confusing — I would never put a cat in a box (a hat perhaps…), especially with something that could kill it.

Still, the Speaker has been effective at staining Trump, the man and his presidency, with the dreaded “asterisk” of shame.  And, maybe that was her goal all along.  I’m not so sure, however.  I’m more inclined to believe that Nancy is past her “mumble-by” date and allowed her hatred to obscure the idiocies of the Laurel and Hardy of the House, Schiff and Nadler, while facilitating her succumbing to their seductive pursuit of the president.

It wasn’t her plan, to withhold the Articles from the Senate.  But she knew that regardless of what was in the Articles, it was going down to defeat.  She deliberately didn’t include crimes because she didn’t want a “not guilty” verdict in the Senate to preclude the use of any of her crime allegations in future impeachments.  So, she’s saving them for next time.

Impeachment, more than anything else, is about convincing the public.  The more allegations she can assemble for subsequent Articles of Impeachment, the more likely she can sway the citizenry.

She stumbled on withholding the Articles from the Senate and since it doesn’t compromise her original plan, asked herself, “Why not?”  Plus, in 2020, she has the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and whatever they have planned for the Dem “October Surprise.”

It’s Not the Constitution and It’s Not Imperative

For Nancy, impeachment has always been personal.  Trump disrespected her (repeatedly) and refused to bow to her importance as Speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency.

For Nadler, it’s also personal — and it’s mutual as well.  Trump and Nadler have long hated each other going back to Nadler’s City Council days when he almost singlehandedly prevented Trump from developing the Westside Rail Yards, obligating him to pay real estate taxes of tens of millions of dollars a year for more than a decade — and then, forced a project so circumscribed it’s doubtful he made any substantial money.

Schiff?  He’s the worst, because for him it’s not history or hatred.  It’s about him.  Politics is Hollywood for ugly people, and Schiff is ugly, people.

Look at him through the years.  He started out as a nerd.  Then he hooked onto his anti-Trump schtick.  And, lo and behold, he began getting invited onto media panels to opine.  People cared about what he had to say.

Publicity is addictive.  He had stumbled into a world where he was heralded for telling the left what they wanted to hear, and it didn’t matter whether any of it was the truth.

He cut his hair closer on the sides because when there’s not a lot, longer tresses on the sides unbalances the noggin and makes one look balder.  Then he began adding color with makeup; his paleness made him look untrustworthy and frightened.  Proper coloring also drew attention away from what Trump has called his, “pencil neck.”  Then he bought nicer suits, and then, more stylish suits.

The hair, the makeup, the clothing, are all personifications of Nadler’s booster seat.  Just as the booster seat allows Nadler to pretend he’s a strong, taller man speaking truth to power, being the well-dressed, photogenic star of impeachment lets Schiff pretend he’s… more than what he is.

He likes his moment in the sun; he needs his moment in the sun. he’s never going back to being the kid they made fun of in high school — it’s take down Trump or admit he’s a nobody.

As can be seen from their motivations, this impeachment is an “Abuse of Power” and the withholding of the Articles from the Senate, is clearly “Obstruction of Congress,” the two actual charges they did bother to include in their Articles of Impeachment against Trump.

To paraphrase the late, great, Roy Scheider in the movie Romeo is Bleeding, “They know the difference between right and wrong.  They just don’t care.”


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