Pelosi Won’t Release Transcripts From Secret Basement Meetings that Exonerate Trump & Indict Whistleblower

Speaker Nancy Pelosi may or may not ever turn over the articles of impeachment to the US Senate. If they do it will only be only selective pieces to try and fix the narrative as they have been. Legally speaking they are required to send everything, but then again in the hearing there were suppose to allow Trump side to call in witnesses as well, they refused Trump that constitutional right.

The reason Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff refuse to release the transcripts from their secret basement hearings that exonerate President Trump and indict the alleged whistleblower of perjury!  When they send the articles of impeachment they are suppose to send all the details of the hearing to the senate as well. There are items from the hearings they don’t want the senate to see.

The hidden transcripts also are  evidence that shows the so-called whistleblower Eric Ciaramella committed perjury.

Rep. Ratcliffe said House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is burying evidence of the whistleblower’s crimes in the House SCIF.

A couple weeks ago, Ratcliffe revealed he “asked IG Atkinson about his “investigation” into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower. The transcript is classified “secret” so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions.”

Ratcliffe suggested Monday that the “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella committed perjury by making false statements in his written forms filed with the ICIG and that Adam Schiff is hiding evidence of Ciaramella’s crimes to protect him from a criminal investigation.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) joined FOX News on Friday morning to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s slapdash impeachment process.

As of now Pelosi still refuses to turn over the articles of Impeachment to the US Senate and the details of all the hearings. Many of the transcripts exonerate President Trump and indict the anti-Trump CIA whistleblower.  The witness that exonerates Trump was directly involved in the call vs the hearsay second info Democrats are using.

Rep. Burgess:  They had armed guards outside the door.  They still haven’t made all the transcripts available to members of Congress.  And according to House rules any hearing the transcript is supposed to be available.


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