Reports of African Drug Mafia Taking Over Sweden and the Exodus of Swedes Fleeing

Great civilisations are not murdered. Instead, they take their own lives, like Sweden is currently doing.

Civilisations like Sweden are often responsible for their own decline. However, their self-destruction is usually assisted from within.

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city and home of the famous Volvo factory, has been reported as the likely springboard for the African mafia group known as Black Axe. The criminal organisation, which has roots in Nigeria, is now spreading across Scandinavia’s largest country due to massive migration.

At present, several people reported to belong to the feared mafia group are in custody in Gothenburg over “large-scale heroin and cocaine smuggling”, the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reported.

The first arrests reportedly took place in September 2018. Since then the investigation has snowballed to involve at least 17 detainees. Most of them come from Nigeria, while some hail from the Gambia, Sierra Leone and the Netherlands. All of them are suspected of being part of a large smuggling scheme. Since some of the gang members now reside in Gothenburg, the Swedish authorities suspect that the mafia group may have plans to take root in the city more permanently.

“It is about huge amounts of drugs in different places in Europe”, prosecutor Anna Svedin at the national unit against international and organised crime told Göteborgs-Posten.

Judging by the number of detainees and the extent of the investigation, this is by far one of the largest cases the Customs have ever had”, Gill Eriksson, the deputy head at the Customs Criminal Investigation Unit in Gothenburg, said.

According to Eriksson, drugs are smuggled using capsules swallowed by mules. The main transit routes involve the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, as well as ferry lines from Germany between Kiel and Gothenburg, and Travemünde and Malmö.

This weekend, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Aftonbladetpublished an article where locals describe Gothenburg as a horrible place in a state of “decay” and “disrepair”, rife with drugs. Last week alone, two young men were stabbed to death in the city, making national headlines and spurring a heated debate.

In the article, locals described Gothenburg as a highly unsafe place, where drugs are sold openly in the street, residents carry weapons, and robberies are becoming commonplace, to a point where residents avoid the city centre after darkness.

“I’m more scared now. At some point it’s my or my relatives’ turn to get hurt. Robbed or raped,” a 34-year-old woman told the newspaper.

With a population of 570,000 people and about a million in its metropolitan area, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city, home to Scandinavia’s largest port. A quarter of its population is of non-Swedish descent.

Then we can look at another Swedish municipality, called Filipstad. It is facing an economic crisis amid an influx of low-skilled migrants. The migrants rely on welfare benefits, exacerbated by an exodus of able-bodied Swedes fleeing the crimewave the migrants bring. According to the municipality, at least 80 percent of its non-European migrants are unemployed and live on welfare, they are leeches to the Swedish locals.

“We are in the process of a population shift. You can think what you want, it depends on your standpoint, but it’s just a fact we have to relate to”, Filipstad integration manager Jim Frölander said.

While domestic-born people of working age are leaving the municipality in droves often called white flight. Unemployment among the foreign-born is soaring, as they turn out to be ill-equipped to qualify for the existing jobs. The municipality estimates that at least 80 per cent of its non-European migrants are unemployed and live on benefits.

Migrant adults from Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq live in Filipstad. <…> In this group, unemployment and dependency are very high, while education levels are very low. This group runs the risk of eternal alienation that is already heavily burdening the municipal economy”, the head of municipality Claes Hultgren said.

According to Hultgren, many of the newcomers lack the prerequisites for ever entering the Swedish labour market.

“Some are too old maybe and even illiterate or have a very low educational level. We must then accept that there will be some people who will need the support of society for their livelihoods”, Hultgren explained.

The leftist gleefully cited a 2015 piece by SVT, which claimed that “thousands of engineers, doctors and economists” were fleeing to Sweden amid the migrant crisis.

But all that really came were  low-skilled illiterates that rather pray toward Mecca 5 times a day and plan the rape and robberies on the locals.

Sweden has currently one of the EU member states’ most generous immigration policies, having taken in over 200,000 asylum seekers since the 2015 migrant crisis alone.

As of today, about a quarter of the Swedish population of 10 million has an immigrant background.

According to various prognoses, ethnic Swedes will become a minority in their own country at some point during this century.

Some cities in Sweden are taking in the fleeing Swedes from migrant areas. One municipality in southern Sweden Staffanstorp Municipality in Skåne County is promoting a new commercial proclaiming that it’s a safe neighbourhood, where ordinary Swedes can live and prosper migrant free and crime free..

The commercial starts with a black and white scene from a dingy city full of graffiti, where some rowdy migrants are seen harassing a mother and her daughter. The family then proceeds to move to Staffanstorp, where colour returns, and they get a new lease on life.

“Dreaming of improvement and striving for a better life is nothing but a sign of health”, the narrator says. “There are municipalities where security, elderly care, schools, and businesses really work. Where the inhabitants are proud of their municipality”, the narrator continues, adding “We welcome you with all our heart”.

The ad ends end with a slogan: “Staffanstorp, as the rest of Sweden should be”.

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