1st videos of ‘Iranian strikes on US bases in Iraq

Video footage has emerged purporting to show the first moments of an alleged Iranian retaliatory strike on an American base in Iraq, which comes days after a US assassination of a top Iranian general.

“‘Hard revenge’ begins / Army’s heavy missile attacks on US base in [Ayn al-Asad],” wrote the semi-official Fars News Agency amid reports of a heavy missile attack on an American airbase in Iraq.

State TV said Tehran‘s Revolutionary Guard had fired “tens” of warheads at Al Asad base in revenge for the death of Qassem Soleimani.

American defence secretary Mark Esper told reporters Soleimani had been planning an attack within days, and was a “legitimate target”. Meanwhile, US president Donald Trump has backtracked on his threat to target 52 Iranian cultural sites in military attacks, saying he would obey international law.

Several other unconfirmed photos also circulated on social media alleging to show the attack in progress.


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