Opinion: Some on YouTube Question Whether Iran Attacked US Bases in Iraq

There are some on YouTube that are questioning whether Iran truly fired missiles at US bases in Iraq or whether it was all a show.  It is thought that perhaps Iran does not want to cross the USA and President Trump, but also do not want to appear weak to their people and that is why Iran made it look like they attacked the US bases.  Watch this video that laughs at the size of the craters created by the missiles:

Here is the video of the actual report from Sky News:

It would be easy to dismiss these claims as fringe, but they might have a point.  Missiles usually do create a larger blast crater, although it is possible for a crater to only be around 2 meters in width.

Here are some articles and pictures of actual missile blast craters:

The New Arab:  Exclusive photos: Syria-bound Iranian ballistic missiles fall in Iraq

Imgur: Ballistic Missile Crater Fired by Assad’s Force In Deir Ezzor Syria

Imgur: Two Panorama of Hanano Syria Ballistic Missile Crater

Leuren Moret: Depiction of Conventional vs Nuclear Warhead Crater

What do you think?  Is the media reporting fake news?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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